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                            Introduction to the S.M.S.T.R 


            Welcome to the Official SMSTR (Standardized Military Simulation Team Regulations). Let it be exceedingly clear that the purpose of the SMSTR is not to form a union of teams, i.e. a NATO, nor is it to define who is an ally or an enemy. Nay; the purpose of the SMSTR is purely one of necessity, its role is to establish the ground rules that EVERY organization the MilSim community will communicate with, play with, or even acknowledge HAS to follow. Consider this MilSim’s Geneva Conventions. If you find a rule in here that you do not agree with, you may bring it up to the SMSTR board for review, however unless it is repelled you are required to play by it. We wish you the best of luck in your community, and in the MilSim community as a whole.

Col C. Chase, 1FR Reg. C.O.




All teams of the S.M.S.T.R Counsel ask that you read the through the entirety of the regulations before passing judgement and not wishing to be apart of it.

The S.M.S.TR specifies the rights of individuals and the counsel. In ways, the regulations are in place to help young, new teams grow into a professional setting if they feel they require it.  

                                S.M.S.T.R Updates

November 18th 2014

-All A Rated teams as of November 18th 2014 have been given the rating of AA.

New Policys

 - Each unit within the S.M.S.T.R is allowed to have spokes persons for their unit whom deal with diplomatic affairs in the stead of their C.O or the team's official representative, given that they have been granted that position by the team's command. This is entirely optional.

 - At no time may a team speak for the S.M.S.T.R, regardless of rank. 

- LP-230. The council can agree to acknowledge outside organizations. 

- All diplomacy done with teams outside of the S.M.S.T.R is considered to be your team's business, The council will not acknowledge. 



October 13th 2014

As of today, the S.M.S.T.R has been in effect for 44 days. In this time it has grown from an idea into a reality. However this reality is far from its full potential. All teams apart of the S.M.S.T.R are working to make S.M.S.T.R its own, fully functional system of policies. However, As of this current point in time, it is still in its Alpha stage. Revisements to its policies and how it is presented are made every week to ensure that it is doing what is design to do. Create a community of professional MilSim.

With all that being said, for this reason is why the council is currently using this domain as the primary access to the S.M.S.T.R.  


If you are visiting this page for the first time, we ask you please take this into account. 


October 9th 2014

 - MP-500: Military Simulation Enforcement: Banished agreement, all units within the SMSTR agree to follow the SMSTR and agree to not acknowledge, play with, play against, train, ect. Any other unit that does not agree to the SMSTR. This is to promote its use and punish those who do not.

Due to confusion from outside teams, this policy has been removed entirely.

- The time for an individual to be able to join another Milsim (Within the SMSTR) freely without consequence has been shorten from 60 days to 30 days.  

- CP-210 has been removed due to knifing no-longer being Genva Convention. It is perfectly legal. 

- CP-222: C4 Usage has been altered. Allowing it to be used in a Offensive Manner.

- LP-111 has been altered in away that gives the team at hand the ultimate decision about the leave duration of individuals within their unit.  


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