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Path of a Online Marine

The path to become a Online Marine is not a difficult one but it is lengthy. Recruits must go through a process longer than most realism teams to become a full-fledged member of the 1st FR, however it is self-rewarding, and has been successful in eliminating those who are not truly dedicated to becoming a productive member. Those recruits who complete the process become full members of possibly the greatest Marine Milsim team in existence, and can be sure their comrades next to them are as dedicated as they are. 


 The first step for any prospective recruit is to check our requirements and make sure you meet them. If you have other questions, however, such as those regarding concerns about training times or current available jobs, please be sure to get in contact with a recruiter either on Xbox Live. A list of recruiters can be found here.

After checking you meet the requirements, and having any concerns addressed, you need to register on our website (make sure you put your gamertag as your username) and submit an application. If you need help with the registering on are website , see a recruiter. Once your application has been submitted please remember to be patient. Our staff is very vigilant, but this is still a hobby for all of us and real life always come first. Most applications are approved within 24-48 hours make sure that a recruiter has filled out an Recruit Application before you register on the website

Training Phase 1: Poolee Program 

Because 1stFR's Boot Camps can last two months at a time, the poolee program is designed with keeping you interested in the team as well as getting you accustom from a civilian to an Online Marine Recruit 

Training Phase 2: Boot Camp

Boot Camp Training is a Eight Week one day session, usually no more than two hours, but can extend longer, it is designed to introduce you to our team and the United States Marine Corps in general. You will learn some customs and courtesies unique to the Marine Corps and our team, some history of the Marine Corps and our team, an overview of our structure and what we as an team, an introduction to our sections and their call signs, as well as an introduction to some of our policies and procedures

Training Phase 3: School of Infantry

  1. Infantry Training Battalion is a Eight Week two day session training on combat and the responsibilities of a rifleman in USMC 1st FROMST. Must Complete Boot Camp to attend course.
  2. Advance Infantry Training is 1 to 2 Week two day session training on advance infantry MOS's used in USMC 1st FROMST. Must Complete ITB to attend course.
  3. Marine Combat Training is 2 Week two day session training on advance infantry for marines who will be going to Specialty MOS School (Armor or Flight). Must complete ITB and have an Armor or Air Contract to attend course.

Training Phase 4: Specialty MOS Schools

  1. Ground School is made up of four courses, each Two Weeks two day training sessions on armor vehicle usage and tactics in combat. Must Complete SOI : MCT to attend courses.
    1. Basic Armor Course
    2. Light Armor Course
    3. Amphibious Vehicle Course
    4. Vehicle Commander Course (Must have completed Sgt Course in NCO School)
  2. Flight School is made up of seven courses, each One to Two Weeks two day training sessions on air vehicle usage and air tactics in combat. Must Complete SOI : MCT to attend courses.
    1. Basic Rotary Flight Course
    2. Advance Rotary Flight Course
    3. Basic Fix-wing Flight Course
    4. Rotary Direct Air Support Course
    5. Fix-wing Direct Air Support Course
    6. Gunship Direct Air Support Course

Non Commissioned Officer School

The NCO School is the leadership courses for enlisted marines who want to take a leadership role in USMC 1st FROMST. The course are required for rank promotion and permanent billet promotion. Each course consist of a NCO Board first to approve applicants to the course followed by training with an examination for promotion.

  1. Corporal (Fire Team Leader) Course
  2. Sergeant (Squad Leader) Course
  3. Staff Sergeant Course
  4. Senior Staff NCO Course

Officer Candidate School

Coming Soon

The Basic School

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