1st Force Reconnaissance

The last thing you will never see

Combat Operations

A Combat Operation is defined as a legitimate MilSim assault or defense involving 1st Force Recon and its diverse combat forces and support options. The opponents must play by MilSim rules and the gameplay must be fair and realistic.
1FR does not log any non-MilSim matches, also known as "skirmishes". It is important to provide context that 1FR has never once lost a legitimate Combat Operation, but has lost skirmishes across its history, which is to be expected as 1FR is not afraid to play outside MilSim regulations, but when it does it will not prioritize the mission nor provide concern to its result.
A War is a series of Combat Operations that lasts for multiple days, often to reinforce a political agenda or position of 1FR/its allies.
1FR does not log any Simulations, which are scripted events between teams.
Some Combat Operations are missing due to a lack of logistics in the early years or due to the Combat Operation being deemed as minor in the scope of our history. All those which are not logged are victories none the less.


The Grand War

CENT (BLU) v. AEF (OP) v. FAE (GRN) v. BIG3 (RED)

The 'Grand War' was a war that started following the ratification of the T.R.A.S.R. document. A disgruntled 5MR Crowe (COG Col from the Inquisition I and II Wars), having tried to prevent the TRASR's ratification, began to start organizing teams not in TRASR yet, spreading propaganda about how 1FR was trying to conquer them all. Once 1FR declared war on 2MD for being an illegally founded team (their leader, 2MD Major Raptor was an AWOL 1FR Sgt), Crowe use that as a catalyst to propell the community into war against 1FR, obviously still holding a grudge against 1FR for the earlier wars and destruction of his team, COG. Crowe used manipulated screenshots of conversations between 1FR Col and him, along with the war cry that he was defending Raptor, to find a 'just reason' to enter the war, under the title of the Coalition of the Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF).
However, as he and his 40 teams+ coalition soon found out, Quality is forever greater then Quality, and 1FR, outnumbered 1:20, won the day with the help of its few allies, under the banner of the Coalition of the Central Powers (CENT).
Throughout the week, AEF proved to be combat insufficient, plagued with jet-ramming, C4 Jeeps, and other non-MilSim actions, showed their lack of coordination. Despite the common logic, 1FR became enboldened the more enemy teams on deck at the same time. It meant more and more lack of coordination. Around 20161216, AEF had one of its task forces split off and form the Force of Allied Expeditions , FAE, whom declared war on 1FR separately, but never saw combat and subsequently declared a cease fire on 20161219.
After 5 days of fighting, and collectively over 45 hours of combat for the entire CENT (35 of that being 1FR), AEF Commander 5MR Crowe went to 4th ID and FTR's command, two of the "Big Three" (Arguably 4 with their failure to include RMC in their count), and begged for their assistance against 1FR. Being disgruntled with how they felt 1FR talked down to them (apparently forgetting the fact both units, FTR and 4th ID exist because 1FR A. Beat them in wars and then B. Built them up and gave them everything, much like 5MR), they agreed to fight 1FR, with the condition of 5MR Crowe and the AEF surrendered, so "They wouldn't be a distraction from the true fight". Desperately accepting, on 20161217, in front of 4th ID, FTR and 1FR, 5MR Crowe, representing the entire AEF, surrendered, to the final score of CENT 19 - AEF 2/3. 
With negotiations due to it being the holiday season, 1FR implored 4th ID and FTR to not fight, as they are provoked from absurd reasons. 1FR still felt both units were friends, but they seemed ademeant. They agreed to a Cease Fire until January 3rd, of which 1FR will open its server for invasion, but refuses to attack two units it helped build.


1700: CENT (BLUFOR) declares war on AEF (OPFOR)

1900: RMC invades Navy Seal Server, settings are on ‘core’ and is a kills game,not MilSim in the slightest but still will defeat the enemy, Paracel Storm.

1940: 1FR/3RCR invades 2MD Server, BLUFOR (US): 800 , OPFOR (RU): 800

1941: 1FR/3RCR entrench outside hostile spawn, 32 friendlies on deck. 2MD finally reinforces with 6 bodies.

1944: All Objectives held by friendlies, hostiles are stuck in their spawn, do not spawn in.

1950: BLU: 796, ABCDE// OP: 380

1956: 1FR currently in the 2MD Server, Navy Seal Server, and hold firewatch on the 1FR server.

1957: 1FR wins in 2MD Server, 756 to 0, Round Two.; CENT 1 - AEF 0

1959: 2MD Fully reinforces their server with allies// BLUFOR(US): 4000, OPFOR(RU): 4000

2005: BLUFOR: 3952, ABD // OPFOR: 3914 CE// 1FR and 3RCR holds momentum and majority of objectives, server is a kills game, Operation Firestorm

2007: BLUFOR Blitzkrieg into EF, Total domination of server, hostiles paratroop desperately

2012: BLUFOR: 3890, ABCDE// OPFOR: 3765// Hostiles Spawn camped, desperate, using javelins and snipers off their spawn hill

2020: BLUFOR: 3842, ABCDE// OPFOR: 3597// Hostiles still spawned camped, helicopter ramming now

2020: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 2262// OPFOR 1942// Dutch commands a QRF of ~8 Marines in Server, outnumbered 8 to 32, Reinforced by 1st Rifles to a high of 18 BLUFOR

2030: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 3802, ABCDE// OPFOR: 3509// Intel from 2MD, plan on invading 1FR Server with 10th SF, 1FR Reg Command orders Dutch’s Fireteam out of Navy Seal Server and to the 1FR Server if necessary

2040: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 2123// OPFOR: 1660

2040: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2559, E// OPFOR: 2559// 1FR ordered to defend only Echo, No Hostiles on deck

2045: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2425, E// OPFOR: 2547, ABCD// 10SF, 8th, M8 invades 1FR with 32 players versus 1FR 4 player firewatch, Dutch’s QRF moved to 1FR Defense

2048: 2MD Server: Hostiles locked their server to prevent reinforcement, have to from this point on, join off of friendlies invite

2048: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2120, AD// OPFOR: 2496, BCE// 1FR server fully reinforced, pulled out of 2MD Server due to the Tactical logic of it being a kills game but the 1FR server is a objectives game, 3RCR to hold 2MD server

2105: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1889, ABCDE// OPFOR: 2142 // 2MD Server held by 3RCR, NS Server held by 1R/RMC

2105: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 1982// OPFOR: 1468// RMC gets off, 1R (8) defends

2105: 2MD Server, 3RCR holds off

2120: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1665, AB// OPFOR: 1214, CDE// 1FR Reg Command orders Capt Nomad and QRF 2 to reengage Navy Seal Server

2135: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 3348// OPFOR: 2953// Hostiles heavily reinforced, pushing 3RCR back, but 3RCR holds a 1000 ticket lead, outnumbered 2:1

2140: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1368, ABD// OPFOR: 646, CE// 10SF Jet Taxiing, Uses BLUFOR randoms to steal our air vehicles

2140: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 1839// OPFOR: 1303// 6 1FR led by Nomad deploy to assist 1R, 1MRB deploy to assist too

2147: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1278. ABCDE// OPFOR: 167// 25 BLUFOR vs. 32 OPFOR

2150: 1FR Wins, 1259 to 0, Round 2; CENT 2 - AEF 0

2157: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 3178 (3RCR)// OPFOR: 2746 (5MR, 1TB, 2MD, 25th)// BLUFOR outnumbered 2:1

2205: 1FR Server: BLUFOR (1FR): 2522, BCE//OPFOR (10SF, M8): 2042, AD

2209: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 1549// OPFOR: 935// 28 BLU:23 OP

2218: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2413, ABCD// OPFOR: 1245, E// Hostiles report friendlies using a Radio Beacon, 1FR confirms its an unpoliced random on side

2225: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2357// OPFOR: 963

2235: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2313, ABCDE// OPFOR: 422

2240: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 930. BDE//OPFOR: 353, AC

2240: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2231, ADE// OPFOR: 130, BC

2244: 1FR Server: 1FR Wins 2nd time, 2212 to 0, 24 BLU:32 OP/ Round Three; CENT 3 - AEF 0

2255: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2423, ABCDE// OPFOR: 2368

2255: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR: 761, BCDE//OPFOR: 84, A

2301: Navy Seal Server: BLUFOR Wins, 702 - 0, Friendly forces pull out and reinforce 2MD Server; CENT 4- AEF 0

2314: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 2182// OPFOR: 2036, ABCDE// 1FR/1R/1MRB breaks spawn camp by sending forces from NS and 1FR Server, 3RCR held successful for entire duration

2323: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1501// OPFOR: 1706, ABCDE// 2MD Raptor Claims 1FR is cheating and will kick from server, 1FR Reg command chews him out and denies that ability

2335: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 1888, AC// OPFOR: 1729, BDE

2340: 1FR pulled out of 2MD Server, reinforces 1FR Server

2340: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 825// OPFOR: 1425, ABCDE

2354: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 605, ABCDE// OPFOR: 782// 1FR Reg Command contacts 10SF Col, asks, “How do you lose a 1000 ticket lead??”

0003: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 572 ABDE// OPFOR: 255, C

0012: 1FR Server: 1FR wins, hostiles retreat from (NOT KICKED) from 1FR Server, 1FR reinforces all troops to 2MD Server; CENT 5 - AEF 0

0020: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 1317// OPFOR: 1282, ABCDE

0030: 2MD Server: BLUFOR (3RCR, 1FR, 1R, 1MRB, 1IR): 1184, ACE//OPFOR (25th, 1TB, 5MR, 2MD, 82nd): 1186, BD

0045: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 931, B// OPFOR: 925, ACDE// 1FR Armor tactics changing tide of war, due to it being a kills server

0054: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 782, ABCDE//OPFOR: 739// CENT Total Control of Server

0105: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 636, ABD// OPFOR: 522, CE// Hostiles steal A10s from Friendly side using their members on our team

0115: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 512, AE//OPFOR: 357, BC// Enemies desperate, 2MD RobtheRussian uses VBED, recorded on Camera

0125: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 297, E// OPFOR: 170, ABDC// Hostiles attempt spawn lock

0140: 2MD Server: BLUFOR: 77 // OPFOR: 0// CENT defeats AEF; CENT 6 - AEF 0


~0400-1830:Series of undocumented battles between RMC and British CENT allies and 1MRB, and 5MR and AEF; ends in CENT 8 - AEF 1; Some point during the day, 1MRB engages Bagel’s Unit, in friendly competition agreed by both sides, It was 3 v 3 persons, and do not count toward score (despite AEF trying to)

1830: Enemy’s advised to attack 1FR server, 1FR on defense, map is Sunken Dragon, BLUFOR is Chinese side.

1905: 4MAE and 2 randoms on deck, 1FR emplaced Chinese side.

1906: BLUFOR: 3963, CD // OP: 3937

1909: 9 hostiles on deck, 4MAE

1930: 1FR deploys small armor team to 3RCR server, massively spawn camped

BLUFOR: 1695// OPFOR: 2311 // BLUFOR is spawned trapped by OPFOR

1940: Hostiles pull out of 1FR server, 3RCR Server: BLUFOR: 1270, ABCEF // OPFOR: 1892, DG; CENT 9 - AEF 1

1957: Nomad and 1st QRF ordered to invade 5MR server, cannot find any open server using the following search words: 5MR, MR, Marine, Regiment, 5th, Fifth, MilSim, USMC

2002: 3RCR Server: BLUFOR: 1087, ABCEF// OPFOR: 1741, DG

2011: 1FR: 25 hostiles on deck, teams include: 23rd, 3rd, 18th, 10th MD

2017: 1FR: BLUFOR: 3600, DA // OPFOR: 3315, ECB
3RCR: BLUFOR: 783, ABD // OPFOR: 1238 NONE

2040: 1FR: BLUFOR: 3447, CDE // OPFOR: 2973, AB
3RCR: BLUFOR: 614, BC // OPFOR: 1122, ADEFG

2050: 3RCR: BLUFOR: 235 , E // OPFOR: 636, ABCDFG

2120: 3RCR Server, loss, OPFOR: 536, the 6 1FR Marines on deck RTB to 1FR Server; Command notes: Had 3RCR listened to 1FR early on, the battle would have been successful, but they wouldn’t delegate command, meaning A. CENT loss, and B. 1FR doesn’t assume it as a loss for them personally (only 6 players); CENT 9 - AEF 2

2124: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1842, ABCDE// OPFOR: 1405, NONE

2131: 1FR: BLUFOR: 1771, ABCDE// OPFOR: 903, NONE

2140: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 1656, ABCDE//OPFOR: 145

2147: 1FR Wins, 1650 - 0, ABCDE all held, Hostiles stay for Round 2; CENT 10 - AEF 2

2148: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3976, AC// OPFOR: 3887, BDE

2200: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3846, ABCD// OPFOR: 3278, E

2210: 1FR Server: 3624, ABCD// OPFOR: 1182, E

2215: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3453, ADE// OPFOR: 2354, BC

2220: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3392, ABCDE// OPFOR: 1923, NONE

2230: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3275, AE// OPFOR: 1494, BCD

2240: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2589, AB// OPFOR: 1189, CDE

2250: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2327, ABD// OPFOR: 722, CE

2306: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2110, ABCDE// OPFOR: 0// 1FR Wins Round 2; CENT 11 - AEF 2

2315: 1FR Server, hostiles here for Round 3; BLUFOR: 3957, CDE// OPFOR: 3783, AB

2324: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3847, BCDE// OPFOR: 3264, A

2330: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3794, BC // OPFOR: 3063, DE

2340: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3625, BCDE// OPFOR: 2393, A

2341: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 3592, ABCDE// OPFOR: 2219// ALL Hostiles retreat, 1FR wins Round 3; CENT 12 - AEF 2


~0400 - 2300: No real hostile action, AEF seem unorganized, but CENT remains on standby, defends server for over 6 hours with no hostile intent or movement to invade. 1FR Cmd contacts AEF command and ask for agreement to not invade so we can stop firewatch, since they show no ability to do so, they -agree-.

2258: 1FR OOTD checks server and sees that Hostiles have -sneaked- on deck after we dismissed our force, server is 1FR Server, map: Dragon Pass.

2300: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2085, 14 persons, ABCDEG, 1FR// OPFOR: 3389, 4 persons, NO OBJ, 25th and M8// Hostiles utilizing APS on Tanks

2315: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2078, 16 persons, 1FR, ABCDEG// OPFOR: 2746, 8 persons, 25th, M8, 4M, NO OBJ// 1FR Cmd contacts 10th Knight to get the enemy to answer as per why, after agreeing, that they invaded?

2320: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2067, 18 persons, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 2445, 9 persons, locked into spawn// CENT Command, 10th Knight, confirms they were not properly coordinated by AEF Command, and accepts a loss due to negligence of communication, and because they are -clearly- losing

2325: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 2054, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 2211, Spawn Camped// Hostile forces begin retreating, 1FR declares win; CENT 13 - AEF 2


~0400 - 1800: Undocumented battles by 1MRB and RMC, no recorded victories or losses, despite it being legitimately 17 - AEF 2, we will consider it off of documented, CENT 13 - AEF 2

1818: 1FR Server: BLUFOR: 4000// OPFOR: 4000// Map: Gulf of Oman, CENT is RU side first battle, 12 defenders (1FR), 4 hostiles (10th MD)

1833: 5 Hostiles on deck, 1FR defends beachline

1836: 22 hostiles on deck, 12 1FR defenders

1837: BLUFOR: 3991, ABDGC, 12 on deck// OPFOR: 3939, EF, 25

1845: BLUFOR: 3192, DEFG, 21 persons, 1FR, Zasalon// OPFOR: 3792, ABC, 32 persons, 23rd, 18th, 10th MD, USM 11th

1855: BLUFOR: 3470, AEFG, 25 persons// OPFOR: 3469, BC, 32 persons

1900: BLUFOR: 3416, DEFG// OPFOR: 3207, ABC// Godfather Actual assumes I-G Command, enemy pushed back to the beach

1910: BLUFOR: 3334, DEFG// OPFOR: 2742, ABC// Hostiles use APS, 1FR MARSOC and D Co AT Teams coordinate to Javelin boats, E Co Armor reactionary and phenomenal, 1FR Air keeps absolute control

1915: BLUFOR: 3288, BCEFG// OPFOR: 2422, AD// Hostiles keep going on 1FR side, committing suicide and switching, 1FR Command begun kicking ANY unapproved person on our side every 2 minutes

1920: BLUFOR: 3226, BCEFG// OPFOR: 1910, AD// 22 v. 32, Hostiles pushed completely off map, forced to do beach landings

1930: BLUFOR: 3065, CD// OPFOR: 1372, ABEFG// Hostile resource to paratrooping from helicopter, and Radio beacon atop skyscraper in E, over 15 report independant Javelin teams

1940: BLUFOR: 2607, EG// OPFOR: 1015, ABCDF// 1FR Spartan Command employs beach capture tactics from Alpha rush, while E. Co. Armor holds line, both sides smash inwards to all objectives

1950: BLUFOR: 2203, ABE//OPFOR: 883, CDFG

2000: BLUFOR: 1800, FG// OPFOr: 576, ABCDE// 1FR Command notes hostiles “tactic” includes simply running to an Objective, capturing and then running the a next one leaving NO defensives, essentially cat-and-mouse game, and not MilSim

2006: BLUFOR: 1432, FG// OPFOR: 412, ABCDE

2011: BLUFOR: 1110, ACDFGE// OP: 147, B

2015: 1FR wins, 1001 - 0; CENT 13 - AEF 2; Hostiles stay for Round 2; Note: Hostiles include: 1ID,23rd, 18th, 10th MD, USM, 1MEB; Friendlies: 1FR and Zasalon; 22 - 32

2023: BLUFOR: 3963, ABC// OPFOR: 3954, DEFG// Hostiles keep spawning on our team and suiciding. Command also notes the extreme difficulty we will have, attacking a beach while out numbered.

2035: BLUFOR: 3211, AEF// OPFOR: 3736, BCDG

2101: BLUFOR: 1831// OPFOR: 3339, ABCDE; Armor Cmd complains that the enemy has stolen all Friendly armor assets, and utilize only Engineer classes with DMRs or MGs with Ammo. Reg Cmd advises Infantry to pull anti-Engineer roles with Armor tries to scavenge just 1 LAV

2111: BLUFOR: 1209, A//OPFOR: 3153, BCDE// 42nd comes on deck to fill in empty slots, 1FR Side. Have to kick hostiles who keep doing suicing bullshit on our side to get them in. Estimated at this time, at least 300 tickets lost to this heinous tactic.

2120: BLUFOR: 834, ABCDEFG//OPFOR: 3067; Note: Hostiles lose roughly 100 tickets per 1 friendly life at this point, completely spawn locked

2141: BLUFOR: 366, ABCD// OPFOR: 1750, EFG; Hostiles continue suicide tactic, sent photo to MNN, fearful this will cheat them a win

2147: BLUFOR: 242, BCDA//OPFOR: 1410, EFG// Rate of bleed of hostiles high, CAN win at this rate, but lost tickets to suiciding hostiles has us down at least 500 at this point; Cmd Note: Would of just BANNED them but the community would use as stupid propaganda

2153: BLUFOR: 94, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 1054// Hostiles locked into their spawn, set to lose

2156: BLUFOR: 31, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 692// Hostiles rate of bleed, 1 friendly ticket to 200 enemy tickets; Cmd notes: Loss or not, the tenacity of 1FR and 42nd Marines versus the enemy will be absolutely demoralizing to the enemy, by the fact of how horrific their combat ability is compared to our own.

2159: Server crashes, due to expiring, At the rate of math, it was obvious 1FR was due to win, but hostile suiciding put us out of tickets rapidly. Unable to decipher the final win for the hostiles cheating and server ending. 1FR calls it a draw, and the men believe God genuinely blessed them. AEF calls it a victory. Implying they are right, 13CENT - 2/3AEF


~0400 - 1800: Roughly no contact on either side.

~1800: 1 person of 1MRB defends server versus 32 5MR invaders. Is ahead by 25 tickets when 5MR and AEF retreats. Deboy screenshots. Due to being AHEAD and the enemy retreats, declared victory, CENT 14 - AEF ⅔

2057: FAE (Bagel led) splinters from AEF (Crowe led), declares war on CENT, war is now 3 ways; 1FR Command, on behalf of CENT notifies FAE that they will be put in a cold war status, recognizing their war, but waiting until after AEF is over to engage them. All FAE forces will be kicked from servers, to make room for AEF and not aggressed against at all.

2200: Agreement made between AEF and CENT, cease fire tonight, any engagement is not authorized by either side.; Current War Score: CENT 14 - AEF 3 (Giving them the “win” even tho it was a loss/draw)


~1600: RMC takes place in one earlier match, leaving war total at CENT 15 - AEF 3

1852: 5MR Command contacts 1FR Command, warns “Prepare for invasion”, 1FR Server, map is Altai Range, BLUFOR is US side (will alternate every round), BLUFOR: 3997, D (FOB)/ 12 1st FR, 1 1MRB, 1 1st Italian //OPFOR: 4000, None

1913: 1FR Command contacts 5MR Command, inquires, “Where is that invasion?”, they claim to be on the way

1920: BLUFOR: 3974, D // 20 persons// 1FR, SVR, RMC, 1st, 1MRB// OPFOR, O, None

1932: BLUFOR: 3963, D// OPFOR: 4000, 7 5MR on deck

1935: 10 5MR on deck, 20 hostiles total, 26 friendlies

1936: 23 hostiles on deck, 5MR, 1TB, 2MD

1940: BLUFOR: 3938, ABCDF, 27 // OPFOR: 3835, EG, 32// 2MD Raptor on deck, attempts massive 5 tank column, fails drastically and entire enemy armor force destroyed

1950: BLUFOR: 3816, ABCE// OPFOR: 3337, G// DE contested

2000: BLUFOR: 3690, ABCEG// OPFOR: 2921, DF// 31 BLU - 32 OP// Hostiles reuse same armor tactic of a massive armor column (same tactic every time after this too), BLUFOR captures F to distract hostile armor, capture E with LAV, rush D

2010: BLUFOR: 3437, ABCD// OPFOR: 2239, EFG// Hostiles attempt 1 person sneaking into A/B objectives, spawn squads off of him

2020: BLUFOR: 3312, ABCDE//OPFOR: 1864, FG// 5MR’s primary tactic noted to be 1-person sneak and spawn tactic

2030: BLUFOR: 3160, ABCDEG// OPFOR: 1150, F// hostiles send hate mail and complaints to 1FR Command over TRASR standardized bleed rate on 1FR Server claiming it is “un-realistic”

2037: BLUFOR: 3088, ABCDE// OPFOR: 653, FG

2042: BLUFOR: 3036, ABCDE// OPFOR: 406, FG// Hostiles use passive radar on AA, bitch about our ticket bleed to 1FR’s men now

2048: BLUFOR: 2964, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 16

2049: 1FR was, 2961 - 0; CENT 16 - AEF 3

2051: Round two, 2MD and 5MR Retreat, 10th MD and 75th hold, only 9 hostiles remain on deck, 1FR Command attempts to contact 10th MD command to allow them to retreat without loss, they do not accept invite, so we declare it an actual battle

2054: BLUFOR: 4000, BCDEFG// OPFOR: 3982, A

2055: 10th MD and 75th backs out at BLUFOR: 3991, BCDEFG// OPFOR: 3765, A// CENT Wins, 17 - 3

2100: 4th ID and FTR declare war on 1FR after 5MR Crowe begs them to help, he agrees to them that if they do, he will surrender the entire AEF

2103: 10th MD, 23rd invade, 22 persons// BLUFOR (32): 3994, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: (22): 3554// Score is carried over from last game, but due to the entire enemy team retreating and reinvading, we will count it as a new game

2110: BLUFOR: 3929, CDEFG// OPFOR: 3173, AB// Hostiles locked into AB across river, use buggies to try to deploy behind friendly lines

2120: BLUFOR: 3842, CDFG// OPFOR: 2716, ABE// Hostiles paradrop on G and D, enemy teams on deck: 10th MD, 5th D, 23rd, 7M, 1 SAP, 26th

2126: BLUFOR: 3663, DEFG// OPFOR: 2389, ABC// Hostile 75th goes on BLUFOR side, Team Kill’s 1FR Cpl Roo’s Tank with C4, he recorded it

2136: BLUFOR: 3535, CDEFG// OPFOR: 1826, AB// Hostiles use extensive Stinger teams and sends team to attempt to knife me, fail continuously

2142: Hostiles C4 Jeep, and Jet Ram, Recorded by Dutch

2146: BLUFOR: 3457, CDEFG// OPFOR: 1433, AB// Hostiles actions grow more heinous

2152: BLUFOR: 3343, BCDEF// OPFOR: 928, A// Hostiles Hostiles jet ram and heli-taxi, C4 Jeep all on video

2200: BLUFOR: 3274, ABCDEF// OPFOR: 424// Hostiles Spawn Camped

2207: BLUFOR: 3180, ABCDEF// OPFOR: 0// Hostiles Retreat, BLUFOR Wins 3180 - 0, CENT 18 - AEF 3

2209: Round 4, hostiles stayed to conduct guerilla war

2212: 7 7MD on deck, 5MR Crowe on deck, V26, 4th ID, FTR on deck

2221: BLUFOR: 3988, ABCDEFG// OPFOR: 3432, None// 13 hostiles on cdck, 5MR, 4th ID, FTR, 10th MD, 75th, V26, USMC (Bagel) on deck

2223: 1FR Sends LtCol SargontheGreat talk FTR/4th ID out of making a big mistake// BLUFOR: 3959// OPFOR: 2593 when all forces back out of server, CENT 19 - AEF ⅔

2234: In front of 1FR, FTR and 4th ID, 5MR Crowe verbally surrenders the entire AEF

2235: I, Col. C. Chase, certify this logbook true, and withhold no information. The final score for the war is CENT 19 to AEF 3. I hereby close this logbook, and swear to it’s legitimacy under God.

Operation Warm Winter

1FR vs. 9RMR

2120: Invaded 9RMR Server due to their hostile "peaceful" protest (in which they had already declared war and tempted our Marines to fire upon them) on the 1FR Recruit Training Server. The 9RMR server upon entry had only a few men, 4000/4000 tickets on kills only. The log that follows is delayed due to the initial coordination. 
2142: BLUFOR: 3707 : A,B,C,D,F,G // Team consists of 1FR and 5MR // OPFOR: 3624: E // Team consists of: 92nd, 81st, 9RMR, 11RF, ScSp, RFV, IHG, RF
2143: Hostiles use erratic mechanized and airborne infantry tactics and block style armor pushes. Early on hostile forces show signs of problems in MilSim such as jet ramming, active protection, active radar and other issues. 
2144: 1FR command assigns 5MR to E/F, D. 1FR D. Co. assigned to hold A/B/C while E. Co. reacts to hostile armor's random, in bulk movements.  
2150: BLUFOR: 3607 : A, D, F, G// OPFOR: 3471 : B, C, E // Hostiles massively rush A while D. Co. holds valiantly. 5MR holds F. 1FR Reg Command coordinates 1B9M to prepare to invade another server as a diversionary tactic.  
2200: BLUFOR: 3447 : A, D, F, G, E // OPFOR: 3271 : B, C // Tasked 1B9M to invade 92nd server (password protected), 81st server (password protected) 11RF server (password protected). all other teams had no active server, 1B9M ordered to stand by. // OPFOR armor pushes again to A/B in mass but are intercepted by accurate and destructive fire by E. Co. and F. Co. CAS.
2204: Hostiles entrench at Charlie, D. Co. holds onto A desperately as enemies use Russian mass wave tactics to splash against the 1FR defenses, slowly eroding it at the cost of many lives.
2210: BLUFOR: 3293 : A, B, C, F, G // OPFOR: 3078 : D , E // 1FR Reg. Command attempts to contact the 92nd MajGen Hellsing to request that the OPFOR peacefully surrender to prevent further pointless bloodshed, but he leaves and refuses our olive branch. Note: MajGen Hellsing acts as an active ground combatant using a M1014 shotgun, absolutely non-MilSim.
2226: BLUFOR: 3067 : A, F, G // OPFOR: 2697 : B, C, D, E// Contact made to 81st Col, he agrees to withdraw peacefully// 92nd E-1 Ghost jet taxi's into A, establishes a  MG position in rubble, get destroyed by 1FR without killing anyone, absolute scrub.
2235: BLUFOR: 2947: A, B, G // OPFOR: 2536: C, D, E, F // 9th United Coalition talks to 1Fr Reg Command.
2239: Col Tank of the 81st orders OPFOR to not respawn, 1FR and 5MR ordered to established a defensive posture and to not fire unless fired upon.
2240: BLUFOR: 2885: A, B, C, D, E, F, G // OPFOR: 2432 // 1FR maintains defensive posture around hostile spawn.
2245: 5MR ordered out of 9RMR server by 1FR Reg Command as a sign of willingness to have peace by 1FR. 81st withdraws honorably due to diplomatic agreement with 1FR. 
2253: Hostile Commanders of every team enter party and discuss terms with 1FR command.
2254: 81st declares peace with 1FR (remember they and allies declared war on us initially).
2255: 9RMR, EVAF declares peace and apologizes, openly admits it wishes to focus on SOG a PMC group.
2301: All allies of the 81st declare peace with 1FR.
2306: 1FR ordered to RTB and leave the server as a sign of victory. Final ticket count:
BLUFOR: 2863 // OPFOR: 2356. 
Operation declares a victory. 

Operation Jungle Execution




1850: I Col C. Chase, assume command of this operation and establish this combat log. 1FR currently is reinforced in the 1FR War Operations Server, standing by on the aircraft carrier with 21 Marines online. The map is Nansha Strike with tickets 1597 US (BLUFOR), 1600 CN (OPFOR). Initial Combat plans have been established, SMEACs distributed. TFV has agreed a best out of three maps Operation, the maps being Nansha Strike, Operation Firestorm and Altai Range.

1900: Communications Checklist: Spartan-1: Infantry, Nomad; Spartan-1-2-A: Infantry, Sqd 2; Knight-1-1: Armor, Irish; Sword Actual: Armor, Dutch; Sword Lead: Armor, Buzz; Aribus-1-1: MARSOC, Rif; Thor-1-1: Air,Forge;Machete Actual: Battalion Command;Sargon; Godfather Actual: Reg Command; Col Chase

1906: 14 TFV on deck. - Col Chase

1909: Green Light is given by LtCol Sargon, 1FR captures G,B,F,A/ TFV captures D,E,C

1910: Spartan 1 has successfully secured Foxtrot and continues to hold.

1930: BLUFOR: 1466, A,B,G,F,E/ OPFOR: 854 D,C; BLUFOR 23 Marines, OPFOR 17 enemies; Air Reports hostile air has practically given up, Infantry reports they are holding at G and B mostly, denying enemy entry. Armor is on rouge RHIB chases.

1940: BLUFOR: 1394, A,B,G,F /OPFOR: 477 D,E,C ; Air reports hostiles using active radar, hostiles keep attempting assault at Command FOB of Foxtrot.

1943: Multiple reports from Infantry and Air that hostiles are using air taxis. Possibly randoms. BLUFOR: 1309, OPFOR: 304 They’ve brought in, the supers.

1950: BLUFOR: 1250 OPFOR: 0; New Map: Operation Firestorm. Godfather was tagged by TFV Red. -Col Chase

2000: Operation Firestorm, BLUFOR (RU): 1600, 20/ OPFOR (US): 1600, 19; Xbox has internet issues, multiple people lag out of game and chat. No map planning necessary, Op. Firestorm SOP applies.-Col Chase

2001: Green light given by LtCol Sargon. Assassination orders given on TFV command staff for allowing Col to be assassinated.

2005: BLUFOR: 1585, B,C,D/ OPFOR: 1484, A,E; All air call-signs lagged out.

2020: BLUFOR: 1358, B,C,E/ OPFOR: 977, A,D; Hostiles AA is problematic north of Alpha. Air call signs have returned and are providing support as called.

2030:BLUFOR: 1225 C,E/ OPFOR 529 A,D,B

2040: BLUFOR: 1004 B,C,E/OPFOR 255 A,D; Hostiles wait to do Armor assaults in waves of 3+ tanks at a time, always having an AA vehicle. We have established Javelin teams to destroy from distance. Air is controlled by CWO-4 Forge and ground stinger teams.

2045: BLUFOR(27): 939 A,B,C,D,E/ OPFOR(21): 0; Operation declared a victory, ⅔ games won, TFV left the server. MARSOC reports that Solid Snake has been assassinated, DCG has been defibrillated.

2050: Debrief held.

2100: I, Col C. Chase, do verify this logbook to be accurate and truthful and have reviewed and closed it.

Operation Declared a Victory. 


The Second Inquisition War

Following the First Inquisition, the face of MilSim evolved into a bunch of minor teams, squabbling for recognition in the eyes of the 3 major powers. 1FR/FTR's alliance with USMC 42nd ended after their quality and culture degraded to a point of a shell of it's former self, and 1FR/FT found itself a new ally in 4th ID, who recognized the cultural and tactical superiority of the two powers. From that triad of powers, grew a penta-force, with the return of the Royal Marine Commandos (RMC) from Xbox 360, and the addition of a new force, the 1st Fleet Marine Force (1FMF). This Coalition committed to the excellence of MilSim and attempted taking a step further, creating MilSim's first NATO Battlegroup system, integrating all 5 units, their commands and logistics together, in a intertwined combative system. It was tested twice, in a 4 hour and a 24 hour simulation and proven quite successful.
It is within luck that it happened, that during the same time as this NATO organization grew, in the shadows COG had regrown and returned, even more heinous than before.

Once NATO noticed COG's return, it immediately declared war, but COG quickly declared a state of "isolation" to prepare. All NATO could do is respect the organization's right to prepare, and in it's own, prepare itself. In this time 1FR made an ultimatium to COG, remove the heinous leader COG "Odin" or face destruction. COG responded by making Odin a SgtMaj, but this did not satisfy 1FR's demands.

As 1st COG's isolation proceeded, 1FR Intel noticed it grew in allies, forming a counter-coalition titled the "1st AMF", or "1st Anti-Milsim Federation". Finally on 20160117, 1st COG felt confident in it's abilities to conduct war and left isolation, declaring war on 1FR and it's allies, the Coalition against COG.

Regretablly, even in open war 1st COG remained heinous in nature. Setting their server to 16v16, and limiting combat to 1800 to 0000 EST only, the 1st AMF refused to go on the offense and remained in pre-established positions on their server. They attempted to have pre-determined mine fields, MG lines and other defensive mechanisms in order to achieve the upper hand, due to them also not being able to field a full combat force of 32. But, knowing the necessity of the destruction of 1st COG, 1FR and its allies assaulted and continued assault on the enemy, every second possible from 1800 to 2100 until their moral had been destroyed by constant defeat.

The war was declared a victory on 20160120 after three days of continous fighting. In that time 1st AMF only had one victory, being the very first battle of the war, 4th ID's invasion. In this invasion 4th ID actually managed to recover from a massive gap, caused by 1st AMF from being heavily fortified and 4th ID spawn camped, with their vehicles taken and used against them. If they had 100 tickets more to play in the battle, 4th ID would have actually won.
The rest of the conflicts against 1st AMF were all victories from 1800 to 0000. 1st AMF is guilty of multiple anti-MilSim regulations, including Jet-Ramming/Taxiing, Improper C4 usage, Suicide Bombing, and kicking allied units, such as the entire RMC due to them "Not being recognized by 1st AMF". 

As of the victory against 1st AMF, 1st COG had an internal uprising and fell to peices. USMC 1st FR declared FR-EXOR-27: Annexation of 1st COG and forcibly absorbed all COG members they could. 1st AMF is considered dead, as MSOB, 1 MAE and 41st all came to 1FR and requested amnesty and peace, all granted by the Colonel in exchange for the agreement that they would help prevent any COG-esque units from rising from the ashes.

The following logs are of 1FR logistics only, and does not include the combat operations of it's allies. Furthermore, only the first Operation was considered worthy of title, as the rest were lesser and lesser in enemy opposition. 

4th ID
1st FMF
1st ID
TF 88 (Minor)
Ghost Contractors (Minor)
Assortment of allied/attachment units

1st AMF:
1st COG (KIA)
41st MEU
1st MAE
23rd MEU (Withdrawn to neutrality)

Operation Tight Space

The following is the combat log for Operation Tight Space, conducted on 20160117 against 1AMF forces.

1835: I, Col C. Chase, Regimental Commander, here by open this log book and certify it official for the Operation against 1 AMF. Current standing intelligence states that the server of invasion is the “1st AMF” Server, and is set to a match of 16 v 16, conquest small, at a ticket bleed rate of 10. Hostile forces have been in hours of combat at this point in opposition of allied forces 4th ID, 1st ID and 1st FMF. 1FR will be replacing 4th ID in the combat zone at their match’s end. I assume all duties as OOTD and commit to this logbook. - Col C. Chase

1838: 4th ID loses, 1FR is green light and invades. 1FR (BLUFOR) is CN. OPFOR is US and consists of 1st COG, 1MAE, 41st. Tickets 2000 each.

1840: Hostiles have pre-captured objectives and established light defensives. 1FR has 12 members on deck and rushes objective Charlie. Hostiles failed attempt to destroy CN bridge.

1845: BLUFOR 1955, C,D/OPFOR 1969, A, B; Hostiles are utilizing Transport helicopter for Minigun support and airborne insertions. 1FR has established Stinger site at Charlie.

1847: 1 1st FMF on deck in assistance to 1FR; CuriousIOrange

1850: BLUFOR 1921 B, D/ OPFOR 1909 A, C

1855: BLUFOR 1856 D/ OPFOR 1848 A, B, C; 1 Random on BLUFOR side after 1FMF left to make room for Maj Sargon; Hostiles are currently fighting heavily for Bravo to keep Cruise Missile Control

1900: BLUFOR 1820 A,B,C/ OPFOR 1792 D; Hostiles heavily rushed Charlie and overran defending forces; Major Sargon on deck.

1903: Both Armor units are KIA via hostile Cruise Missile, friendly armor RTO is unresponsive.

1910: BLUFOR 1687 B (contested), C, D/ OPFOR 1682 A; Spartan-1-1-A tasked to Bravo but met serious counter resistance and is trapped to the East of Alpha.

1912: Roo kills one hostile Heavy armor at Bravo, engages hostile LAV at Alpha East.

1913: Hostile forces sneak into Charlie via the rear and also with Paradrop. Charlie is contested, Bravo is lost to hostile paratroopers.

1914: Paratroops drop into and Capture Delta. Bravo recaptured. Charlie still contested.

1920: BLUFOR 1601 B, D/ OPFOR 1558 A, C; Hostiles via ITV flanked rear Charlie. Bravo under heavy infantry assault. Enemy armor organizing at Alpha.

1922: Armor moving from Alpha, south bound to Charlie. Friendlies blow the West bridge so armor CANNOT cross. Hostile Armor destroyed by C4 on bridge. Hostile LAV established overwatch fire on Charlie.

1924: Gator-2-2 assigned friendly LAV to East, overwatch on Delta priority Anti-Infantry. Friendly MBT assigned West, overwatch on C/B via fire on Alpha, Priority Anti-Tank. Bravo Lost. Delta reinfoced and defended, Charlie contested.

1928: Hostiles via ITV rush have recaptued Charlie. Command designates Bravo as PRIORITY objective due to its overwatch nature on Alpha, and its ability to provide Cruise missiles.

1930: BLUFOR 1500, B, D/ OPFOR 1417 A, Charlie Contested; Hostiles attack from Charlie to Bravo in wave tactics. Major Sargon has assumed Commander position, friendly Cruise Missiles ONLINE.

1932: Hostile Armor in Column formation rushes friendly armor on West flank, hostile LAV KIA however friendly MBT is KIA.

1935: SPARTAN-1 assaults Bravo from Charlie, encounters hostile counter charge multiple times, Bravo is currently contested from the South side. Entire enemy team defending Bravo.

1940: BLUFOR 1395 D, (Charlie contested)/ OPFOR 1251 (A,B); Hostile has LAV guarding Alpha. Friendly MBT is up and tasked to West flank of Charlie.

1941: Charlie recaptured; Spartan-1 captureing Bravo. Spartan-1-1-A assaulted Bravo from the North.

1942: Hostile armor spotted engaging each other at Alpha. Cruise Missile called in on Alpha.

1943: Hostile Infantry on other side of bridge at North-East, amphibiously assault Bravo. Hostile MBT and LAV advancing on Left flank, engaged by Gator-2-2 MBT, hostile MBT KIA, hostile LAV retreats to Alpha. 1945: Friendly LAV KIA via hostile infantry on the North-East. Delta is lost. Spartan-1-1-A tasked to recapture Delta. Spartan-1 assaults Alpha with a reserve fire team holding Bravo.

1946: Friendly MBT KIA via hostile C4 rush as it moves to assault Alpha. Delta heavily hostile occupied. Alpha contested.

1947: Lt. Nomad is last alive, defending Alpha, hostile forces pushing him heavily.

1948: Lt. Nomad is KIA. Alpha is lost but friendly Cruise missile impacts and kills 2. Delta recaptured thanks to ruse at Alpha.

1949: Hostiles, via fast-mover, flanks Charlie South and captures. Spartan-1-1-B tasked to recaptured.

1950: BLUFOR 1349 B,C,D/ OPFOR 1128 A; Bravo flanked from North, North-West and West. Hostiles retry ITV tactic at Charlie, Spartan-1 was waiting.

1951: Hostiles utilize paratroopers on Charlie. Fails. Charlie fully secure.

1952: Hostiles utilize ITV tactic at Charlie again. Bridge blown,. Tactic failed. Bravo is lost by hostile rush.

1953: Hostile Cruise missile intercepted and shot down.

1955: GATOR-2-2 kills hostile MBT at Alpha, engages ITV with help of Spartan-1-1-C AT. Alpha captured. Bravo lost. Spartan-1-1-A defend Charlie from hostile wave rushes from Bravo.

1957: Spartan-1 assaults Bravo from Alpha. Alpha lost. Friendly MBT trapped at broken bridge, North-East Bravo. Charlie contested. Bravo contested.

1958: Enemy attempts ITV tactic at Charlie again. Gator-2-2’s position suppresses enemies coming from Spawn/Alpha.

1959: Charlie recaptured, Bravo held by enemies. Spartan-1 plans to flank Bravo from the Western road.

2000: BLUFOR 1245 C,D/ OPFOR 1003 A,B (contested); 16 1FR on deck, 12 hostiles on deck including 2 41st, 5 1st COG, 4 1MAE, 1 MSOB and 1 random.

2001: Spartan-1 authorized to fly and insert at Alpha. Alpha captured, battle exists between Bravo and Charlie.

2003: Gator-2-2 assigned to fully defend Alpha and Spartan-1 reinforces Bravo. Spartan-1-1-A defends charlie. Enemies reinforce at Bravo.

2004: Hostile Cruise missile fired but shot down. 3 Hostile infantry swim from Bravo to alpha.

2005: Charlie lost, but hostile Bravo is empty. Charlie being worked on recpature; Alpha heavily assaulted by MBT and infantry. Friendly MBT kia.

2007: COG reinforces hostiles to a full 16, COG Odin occupies a spot on BLUFOR side. Alpha lost, Charlie contested, friendlies assault Bravo from Delta.

2009: Hostile Cruise missile destroys friendly bridge East of Charlie. Armor has no way to reinforce. Spartan-1 assaulting Charlie. Gator-2-2 tasked to recaptured North-West of Delta. Hostile ITB in Charlie.

2010: BLUFOR 1127 C (contested), D/ OPFOR 867 A,B (contested); Both center objectives contested under heavy fighting, no friendly armor available. 1 hostile ITB north of Charlie.

2011: Charlie secured, Bravo being captured.

2012: Charlie lost, Bravo captured.COG Odin still won’t leave. USMC 1FR Amp confirmed kicked.

2013: Second hostile occupying BLUFOR side, 41E1 bobthehobo99. Charlie lost, Bravo contested.

2014: Hostile occupiers left our side after Maj. Sargon contacted them. 1 random on our side now.

2015: Hostile MBT moving South via Alpha-West MSR. Spartan-1-1-A ordered to capture Alpha as a distraction as Spartan-1 assaults Charlie/Bravo. Gator-2-2 armor is up and moving North via Delta.

2017: Gator-2-2 tasked to capture and hold Alpha, fire South onto hostile MBT who is west of Bravo.

2019: Gator-2-2 fully KIA at Alpha. Charlie recaptured by Spartan-1. Odin refuses to leave BLUFOR side. Hostiles use paratroopers on Charlie.

2020: BLUFOR 1013 A, C, D/ OPFOR 765 B (contested)

2021: Alpha is lost. Bravo is contested by Spartan-1. COG Odin moves to hostile side.

2023: LAV and paratroopers assault Charlie. Infantry fire from Bravo onto BLUFOR defending troops at Charlie. Hostile LAV killed by Spartan-1-1-C, Hostile Helicopter is killed by Spartan-1-1-B. Hostile infantry rush Charlie.

2024: Hostile Infantry flank to Delta. Killed by defending troops.

2025: Charlie recaptured, pushed on Bravo. Delta contested by guerillas. Spartan-1-1-A captured Alpha and distracted until hostile Armor annihilated them.

2030: BLUFOR 872 C,D/ OPFOR 632 A,B; Hostile LAV inbetween Charlie-Bravo, Spartan-1 attacking Bravo. Gator-2-2 tasked to defend Delta and push north to fire on delta.

2033: Charlie contested by hostile armor, Bravo captured. Gator-2-2 assigned to overwatch at NE Delta via mountain pagoda.

2034: Charlie lost by huge seedoo rush. Bravo contested. Charlie lost.

2035: MARSOC Recon on deck, ordered to take Odin’s head. Gator-2-2 LAV tasked at Charlie to reinforce Spartan-1. MBT in overwatch position at Delta pagoda. Bravo captured by Spartan-1.

2039: Hostile MBT on Charlie, hostile LAV firing on Bravo from Alpha. Bravo lost due to guerilla rush. Charlie contested.

2040: BLUFOR 792 D/ OPFOR 518 A,B (contested), Contested); Gator-2-2 MBT moved on Alpha-. Gator-2-2- LAV moved on Charlie, engaging hostile MBT. Bravo being fought over by Spartan-1. Charlie still lost.

2042: Lt. Nomad ‘toasted’ COG Odin via Defibs. Lt. Nomad was immediately kicked after and is rejoining. Mmm toasty.

2043: Friendly MBT South-West Charlie. Hostile MBT West Bravo. Bravo held by friendlies, Charlie by hostiles. Friendly Cruise Missiles online and landing hot.

2047: Bravo lost, Charlie captured. Nothing new or unusual to report.

2050: BLUFOR 678 C,D/ OPFOR 355 A,B; Friendlies ordered to cease Assault and Defend Charlie, hostiles are ignorant enough to assault from a high ground defense and be slaughtered. Hostiles attempt to assault from left flank via armor and fast movers but are intercepted by Gator-2-2 MBT, 1 hostile LAV down, hostile MBT kills Gator-2-2.

2054: Hostiles continually assault via waves from Bravo and are reflected by Spartan-1’s defense. Gator-2-2 is prioritized left flank defense and destruction of hostile MBT.

2056: As hostiles foolishly rush Charlie, Spartan-1 counter charges through and assaults Bravo. Hostiles rush frantically to recapture. Charlie is lost. Gator-2-2 LAV engages and destroys hostile MBT on left flank.  

2058: Gator-2-2 destroyed by suicide C4 rush. Bravo captured but contested, Charlie contested. Alpha contested by Gator-2-2.

2100: BLUFOR 579 D/ OPFOR 264 A B C(Contested); Spartan-1 assault Charlie; Gator-2-2 assault Delta; Hostile LAV moves from Alpha to Charlie via MSR Left; Hostile paratroops over Charlie

2103: Spartan-1-1-A moves to Bravo via Left flank; Spartan-1 assault center Bravo and defends Charlie; Gator-2-2 defends Left flank MSR

2106: Charlie and  Bravo defended by Spartan-1; Gator-2-2 respawning. Hostile MBT assaulting Charlie directly. Hostile paratroopers over Bravo.

2108: Hostiles captured Charlie; hostile paratroopers dropped on Delta. Bravo heavily defended by friendlies.

2110: BLUFOR 468 B, C(contested)/ OPFOR 121 A,D; Hostile MBT KIA by Maj. Sargon’s Cruise Missile Command. Charlie recaptured. Delta lost to paratroopers by Gator-2-2 MBT is assaulting. Hostile LAV kills Gator-2-2 MBT.

2111: Bravo lost. Charlie recaptured. Hostile LAV overwatch hill at Delta. Hostiles C4 rush Gator-2-2 LAV.

2112: Bravo recaptured. Hostile paratroops drop into Bravo. Delta still lost. Charlie contested.

2113: USMC 1FR Chris bayonetted COG Odin.

2115: Charlie and Bravo held but contested, Delta still defended by hostile LAV.

2116: 1FR Chris, That Modz Kid and Amp all confirmed kicked by host.

2117: Bravo lost but contested, Delta contested. Gator-2-2 LAV sent to Delta. Gator-2-2 MBT sent to engage hostile MBT on the Left flank of Charlie.

2120: BLUFOR 334/ OPFOR 0; Victory is Achieved. All 1FR callsigns ordered to move to 2nd Batt. Server; USMC FT to replace us on duty on server.

2121: I, Col C. Chase, close this log book.

 Operation Declared a Victory.

The Inquisition War


From 20150603 to 20150623, 1FR and its Coalition fought a very extensive and dedicated war against a group of heretics who claimed the honorable title of MilSim, but were horrible examples of it. Uniquely this war was the first time a large number of teams came together and accepted a chain of command over them. At any one time at minimum of 3 teams would be actively engaging across different servers. At the height of the war over 10 servers were in combat at one time. The following are from the Coalition Troop Management Document, jointly edited by the three major coalition powers.

From 20150603 to 20150611, 1FR was the primary force in Invasions. From 20150611 to 20150623, 1FR changed tactics and focused on psychological warfare, coalition troop management, and combat support roles. Almost every friendly operation had a 1FR supervisor, while the friendly force conducted a majority of the operation. 

The entire war is known negatively, as the enemy continually avoided contact and was typically afraid to counter invade after the first week. At best they would send one or two skirmishers to the firewatch servers. When we would invade they would immediately kick BLUFOR forces or wait until their defeat was guaranteed. This was the motivation for 1FR to switch tactics. When the enemy actually did invade, they would do so to one of the weaker allies and would use heinous terrorist tactics to attempt victory (to no avail).

The war ended with negotiations and a growing lack of interest by coalition teams, as the threats became more and more broken apart and weakened. The mission was successful however, as all the opposing teams either cut ties with the Triad, agreed to change or outright disbanded. The Triad itself became practically destroyed and those that weren't made it a mission to fix their unit.
As of 2015-09-21, COG Col and 21st SAS Gen are still in power and are continually looked at with disdain and disapproval. 

(KIA refers to the team being destroyed, assimilated or too small to exist much longer in the future)

USMC 1st FR (Supreme Allied Commander)
-22nd SAS
-23rd MEU
-28th MEU (KIA) 
-8th MEU
-35th MEU
-10th MEU (Late War)

USMC FT (1st Coalition Division Commander)
-11th IBCT (KIA)

USMC 42nd (2nd Coalition Division Commander) 
-3rd Naval Fleet (KIA)
-5th Calvary Regiment (KIA)

TRIAD: (There were three primary, with multitudes of allies per, it was impossible to see the connections, due to allies of allies of allies being drawn in):

The Army (KIA)
21st SAS (Near KIA, was let live)
1st COG (Near KIA, was let live)

-34th MEU (KIA)
-11th MEU (KIA)
-13th MEU
-4th ID
-10th MEU (Early War)
-22SF (KIA)
-1st Ranger Battalion
-OP4 (KIA)
-75th MEU (KIA)
VL60 (KIA)
-Minor Teams
-Randoms "Taliban"

-53rd FSOC (KIA)
-17th MEU 
-26th MEU
-19th Marines
-Minor Teams


There were hundreds of hours logged across the war by both sides of the conflict across dozens of servers. The following Operations logged are only 1FR assisted or led Operations.
Operation Yankee
Operation Yankee 2
Operation Yankee 3
Operation London Tea Party
Operation Garden Stroll
Operation Land Fish
Operation Urban Dragon
Operation Overshadow
Operation Pearl Desert
Operation Crossfire
Operation Scimitar
Operation Snowfox 

Operation Yankee One/Two/Three

All Firewatch duties performed by the Marines of 1FR and its allies on 1FR home servers from the dates of 20150603 to 20150623. This was the longest hours of firewatch in 1FR history, ranging from 1000EST to 0200EST.
 In particular, recognition given to the NCOs and Officers of 1FR who maintained an extremely detailed firewatch and combat log in which we are able to refer to for history, example of one day's log:






1000: Logbook opened. -1stLt Dan

1000: I, 1stLt Dan, have assumed all duties and responsibilites as the USMC 1st FR Officer Of the Day (OOTD) There is nothing to report. We have 3 friendlies on the server. Including: Sgt Bryan, LCpl Shux, and Myself.

1005: We took obj Golf on Wave breaker as US side(Again). People took post and the fun begins.

1015: Random joined the server. Was kicked seconds after.

1017: Sgt OutLaw gets online. I’ve invited him.

1029: SSgt Evo is online, and has joined my party.

1032: SSgt Evo has reported in to firewatch.

1037: Nothing to report at this time. -1stLt Dan

1039: Sgt Bryan planted C-4 on the beachhead east of Golf in case boats should beach our island.

1042: LCpl Shux is on the 50. MG watching to the North-east. Sgt Bryan is on top of the radio tower and can provide DMR fire is any diretion. SSgt Evo is mounted with a M240B on the 2nd floor of the radio tower, and can provide 50. MG fire to the West and M240B to the east, north, south.

1101: Nothing to report at this time. - 1stLt Dan

1112: SSgt has planted C4 on the beachhead to the west.

1123: I got to take care of something, i will be back in a few mins. Off deck. -1stLt Dan

1129: Im back on deck. -1stLt Dan

1135: Contacts x2. 1 Random (was kicked), and (1MTB) US Warlord Ops. Left the server after i kicked the random.

1145: Sgt OutLaw is here to replace LCpl Shux.

1146: LCpl Shux is dismissed.

1149: Sgt OutLaw will be relieved 1400 unless he wants to do more.

1153: Contact: (23S8) abigatpudding joined the server, did NOT attack us, but joined party, and told us he was here to help.

1155: He left the server,and party.

1156: Sgt Bryan had the option to find a replacement, or stay for next 2 hours. He took the 2 hours. Sgt Bryan will be relieved 1400.

1203: Nothing new to report at this time. -1stLT Dan

1213: Nothing new to report at this time. -1stLT Dan

1224: Sgt Bryan is shifting to enginer to get M2 Slam mines agains beach landings

1229: SSgt Evo is gone from his duty. Didn’t notify me that he went away.

1231: Contact: (OP4) IAmTheRanger1 is in our server. Possible scouting.

1233: The contact has moved out of his spawn in a watercraft. He took bravo, and Delta.

1236: He is now taking Echo.

1237: LCpl Matt is reporting in for firewatch until 1400

1240: The contact is attacking us after he took all the obj.

1245: Sgt Bryan and LCpl Matt neutralized the obj’s with a watercraft.

1259: The Contact is spotted using taxi from helicopters and Activeprotection on watercraft.

1303: The Contact left server.

1306: Contact rejoined. (OP4) IAmTheRanger1

1320: Lt Dutch has reported in to firewatch. Will be relieved 1500

1324: NSW (2 personal), 42nd (1 Personal) joins the server, after 1 contact has showed up to reinforce. -1stLt Dan

1332: Lt Dutch joined my party and are going to relieve Sgt Bryan.

1337: We are going to move FOB to Obj Alpha.

1354: LCpl Matt is going to be dismissed in 6 min

1400: LCpl Matt is Dismissed.

1406: 2 recruits joins in the server. Demonkiller112, QRF Ranger.

1413: Nothing new to report -1stLt Dan

1434: I, 1stLt Dan, have been relieved of duties as OOTD by 2ndLt Rud.

1440: I, Lt Rud, have taken over OOTD duties.

1445: two contacts, [75th], and [pool] demokiller112, have joined the server.

1453: same 42nd personnel has joined back.

1457: Priest Actual has joined for attack helo support.

1500: 42nd personnel left, [NSW] still assisting with enemy contacts.

1510: nothing new to report. - 1stLt Rud

1520: enemy contacts have continued to assault FOB.

1530: Nothing new to report, contacts still proving a nuisance. -1stLt Rud

1540: Friendlies have had to capture multiple objectives due to enemy presence.

1546: one [NSW] ally has left the server.

1553: Both [NSW] allies have vacated the server, along with the [75th] contact.

1555: [Pool] has left the server, along with priest actual.

1600: all objectives have been neutralized and personnel have been tasked with holding FOB alpha and bravo.

1607: Ssgt Evo has joined firewatch.

1620: Nothing new to report. -1stLT Rud

1623: Col has joined the firewatch server.

1625: LCpl Shux has left for a short period of time.

1630: LCpl Shux has returned.

1640: Nothing new to report. -1stLt Rud

1650: Nothing new to report. -1stLt Rud

1657: [GROM] random has joined the server.

1700: I, Lt Rud, have been relieved of duties as OOTD by Col.

1700: I,, Col Chase, have assumed all duties and responsibilities as the USMC 1st FR Officer Of the Day (OOTD) There is nothing to report. We have 6 friendlies on the server. Including: Sgt Bryan, LCpl Shux, Myself, Sgt Smw, 2nd Lt Dutch and LtCol Armadaa.

1800: Random still in server fucking around, nothing else to report.

1830: I Col Chase have been relieved of duties as OOTD by 2nd Lt Arz due to Coalition Command Meeting.

1830: I, 2nd LT Arz, have assumed all duties and responsibilities as USMC 1st FR Officer of the Day (OOTD), I am limited in my abilities to log due to using my phone. We have 4 friendlies on the server, including: Myself, Sgt Smw, LtCol Armadaa and LCpl Shux.

1843: Random still in server, nothing else to report.

1904: Nothing new to report.

1915: Nothing new to report.

1930: Nothing new to report.

1945: Nothing new to report. -2ndLt Arz

2000: Maj. SargonTheGreat has reported to acting server COIC

2001: Maj. Sargon acting shift officer from 2000-2200

2005: I, 2nd Lt Arz, am relieving myself of OOTD to Maj. SargonTheGreat.

2030: Situation Normal

2105: Map changed from Wave breaker to Caspian Border

2120: 3 NSW personnel led by Commander Drewboyg95 enter server and perform firewatch in assistance of 1FR shift personnel.

2147: 1 FTR personnel FT Jaq1 joins server in assistance of 1st FR’s firewatch duties.

2155: Enemy personnel count at 4. No enemy personnel have distinguishable loyalties to any known unit, considered “Random”.

2200: Server shut down for last remaining 2 hour shift, contacts not expected to show. New firewatch policy in place to start at 1800 and end at 0200. -Maj. Sargon

0000: I have reviewed the logbook and close it - Col Chase


 All Firewatch duties performed by the Marines of 1FR and its allies on allied home servers from the dates of 20150603 to 20150623, all those who participated are eligible for the Joint Task Force Ribbon.


 All Occupation duties performed by the Marines of 1FR and its allies on hostile home servers from the dates of 20150603 to 20150623, all those who participated are eligible for the NATO Ribbon.


Operation London Tea Party

The following is the combat log for Operation London Tea Party on 2015-06-03:

 2030: 11th IBCT/1st FR/FTR/42nd forces begin to invade 21st SAS server

-According to 42nd Logs:

2000: tickets BLUFOR-3470 OPFOR-3360

2222: tickets BLUFOR-3165 OPFOR-2841

2243: tickets BLUFOR-2901 OPFOR-2354

-Copied by Col Chase (2207)

2035: 11th able to maintain advantage and majority until friendly forces arrived and organized, it is at this point all Coalition forces begin to slowly take a victory. -Maj Sargon

2139: Col Chase banned from server. - Col Chase

2146: All 1FR was kicked from 21st’s server.

Tickets: BLUFOR 2886 - OPFOR 2325

Operation Deemed Success; Operation London Tea Party - Col Chase

2151: Confirmed all allies kicked out from the server - 1stLt Dan


Operation Successful. 

Operation Garden Stroll

The following is the combat log for Operation Garden Stroll (Formerly known as Operation Pipe Stroker) on 2015-06-03, often hearlded as one of 1FR's greatest victories given the conditions of the fight, this is also the latest in the night documented combat operation 1FR has conducted:



0146: BLUFOR- 1983 OPFOR-3091



0200: BLUFOR - 1748 OPFOR- 2592



0213: BLUFOR- 1524 OPFOR- 2036


0218: BLUFOR- 1432 OPFOR- 1840



0233: BLUFOR- 1217 OPFOR- 1200


0243: BLUFOR- 1060 OPFOR- 722

0253: BLUFOR- 947 OPFOR- 379



0307: BLUFOR-849 OPFOR- 0


Operation Successful.
Operation Land Fish

The following is the combat log of Operation Land Fish on 2015-06-05, all Marines who participated are eligible for the NATO ribbon:

 1900: 1FR, NSW, 42nd, 11th BCT organizes and prepares to assault NSW server, 4th/10th are occupying.

1910: Coalition invades NSW server, on US side. Silk Road. Hostiles locked into their spawn. BLUFOR- 3884 OPFOR- 1000; 10 hostiles on deck, 32 friendlies

1925: Hostile forces left server, their commanders joined party with 1FR Reg Command (NSW/11th BCT) on deck; BLUFOR- 3873 OPFOR- 561

1926: 1FR ordered out of server; return to firewatch duties 10th agreed to neutrality due to contridicting with their men

Operation Successful.
Operation Urban Dragon

The following is the combat log for Operation Urban Dragon on 2015-06-05:
 2228: We have been invaded by [4th], 14 enemy contacts as of now, along with one [nsw] contact.

2239: Contact in our server. 18 enemy personnel in including: 4th, 10th, 26th. We are on the US side on sunken dragon. Tickets: BLUFOR 3855 - OPFOR 3438

2244: Enemy has now 24 personal on deck, friendlies has 25 personal.

2247:  Friendlies have Bravo, Alpha, Charlie Delta. The enemy has echo.

2250: Delta got overran. Echo company is moving to secure with support from Air

2252: Friendlies are taking echo at this time

2253: Echo obj is taken.

2255: Bravo got taken, friendlies moving in to secure.

2257: BLUFOR 3662 -  OPFOR 2988

2258: US 1st COG confirmed joins the server on CN side  

2300: BLUFOR- 3625 OPFOR- 2964; 10th Cmdr contacts 1FR Reg C.O., explains 4th MAY have tricked them, pulls their troops back to OPFOR Spawn, MAY be assisting us. - Col. Chase

2300: Friendlies on deck include: 1FR, NSW, FTR; Hostiles on deck include: 34th, 4th, 10th (?), COG, 26th (The Army), Randoms - Col Chase

2301: Enemies have Delta and Echo obj. Friendlies have Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie

2302: Friendlies from bravo is attacking delta river

2305: Delta was taken but lost again.

2307: Enemy now has 31 personal, friendlies has 32.

2310: Ticket count: BLUFOR 3426 - OPFOR 2480

2312: Enemy flanked Alpha. Friendlies attacked back from bravo.

2314: Delta and Echo is still under enemy control. But is being attack every second.

2316: Delta is under friendlies control

2117: 10th Has left the server. -Col Chase

2319: Enemy is down on 22 personal, and friendlies is on 24.

2320: After banning 5 randoms with no clan tag, OPFOR numbers at 18, to BLUFOR being 24.

2321: 10th Cmdr contacts 1FR Reg C.O., claims 4th has records of 1FR of invading but will not provide, due to this 10th pulls out and returns to neutrality.

          2323: Ticket count BLUFOR 3280 - OPFOR 1973.

          2326: Friendlies have obj’s: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and delta. Echo is still under enemy control

          2330: BLUFOR 3218 - OPFOR 1712

          2337: BLUFOR 3125 - OPFOR 1452

          2339: US 1st COG Col confirmed change side to plant C4 on friendly helicopter

2341: NEW INTEL: “The Army” is confirmed KIA. Killercrowder has escaped to the 26th, who at this time are considered neutral despite crowder’s participation. - Col Chase

2342: Hostile 19th O-5 on deck, unknown who this is. - Col Chase

2343: Hostile 8th on deck, with randoms, all other teams pull out. BLUFOR - 3864 OPFOR - 1233 - Col Chase

2347: Friendlies is attacking obj Echo and preparing to spawn killing

2353: Tickets: BLUFOR 3020 - OPFOR 788

0000: Hostile 8th contact to 1FR Cmd, decides to come to Coalition side.

0019: All hostile forces off deck, Coalition attempts counter propaganda video.

Operation Successful.
Operation Overshadow

The following is the combat log of USMC 42nd Col in a 42nd led invasion of the VMC server on 2015-06-06, 1FR provided air support and armor support. All Marines who participated are eligible for the Joint Task Force Ribbon.

 2020: we invaded VMC with 16+ 2024: we are CN and they are RU 2025: CN 3809 RU 3553 2048: CN 3759 RU 3395 2054: CN 3712 RU 3318 4th joins and helps vmc along with US1A 2106: CN 3574 RU 3158 2122: CN 3406 RU 2943 2144: CN 3135 RU 2591 2201: CN 2980 RU 2363 2223: CN 2801 RU 2062 2227: CN 2766 RU 1987 all 42nd can leave or stay if they want 2258: VMC gave up and we got victory

Operation Successful.
Operation Pearl Desert

The following is the combat log of Operation Pearl Desert on 2015-06-09. It is noted that the enemy in one operation alone spent over 5 billion USD on wasted military vehicles via jet ramming or taxiing:

1740: Hostile Force spotted in USMC 1st FR Spartan Server, ~19 hostiles consisting of 1RB, SC, COG, ISAF. 1FR mobilizes to defend server, and FT, NSW, 11th and 1MAE assist. - Col Chase

1740: BLUFOR - 4000 OPFOR - 4000

1740: NSW Tasked to Echo. 1MAE tasked to Charlie. FT tasked to Alpha and Bravo. 1FR tasked to Delta and Echo. -Col Chase

1756: Maj Sargon witnesses a Jet Ram. Hostiles tactic are bum rush with no real design. -Col Chase

1800: BLUFOR - 3764 OPFOR - 3278 All Objectives are captured, hostiles focus on Echo.

1802: COG confirmed to be using new recruits by tags of E-0 and E-1. Hostile Jet Rams me at Delta and contests objective. Echo is BLUFOR but 3+ hostile armor column engages it.

1806: There is an overflow of friendly personnel on the opposing team, eager to fight.

1807: Friendlies reinforce Echo to Charlie; establishing an Anti-Tank grid and defensive infantry line.

1808: All but 2 enemies (COG Malik and RUSSIAN A HOLE) leave server. BLUFOR - 3724 OPFOR - 2642

1812: Hostiles ordered to be kicked. BLUFOR - 3716 OPFOR - 2361

Operation Successful.

Operation Crossfire

The following log is of the moderation of combat between coalition NSW and Seal on 2015-06-10. All Marines who participated are eligible for the NATO ribbon. This is also the first peace keeping 1FR has belonged in:

2230: FSO invades NSW server. 1FR mediates. 42nd helps NSW defend as 1FR negotiates terms of truce. 3MB and 35th and MSOC help NSW. MSOC is I Yeezus new name, confirmed HOSTILE target.

2322: Truce declared between FSO and NSW; 1FR and 42nd skirmishes on 1FR server until dismissal.

2323: Dismissed 42nd and 1FR troops. - Col Chase

Peace Keeping Operation Successful.
Operation Scimitar/Operation SnowFox


Both Operations are Classified Operations of MARSOC. Dates and details are classified, however the following  information is authorized for public display:

Operation Scimitar: 21st SAS Gen and Command staff observed to be on open server, MARSOC infiltrates and assassinates entire command staff, no friendly KIA.  

Operation Snowfox: 1st COG Col and Command staff observed to be on open server, MARSOC infiltrates and assassinates entire command staff, no friendly KIA. 

Second Expeditionary MEU

Prior to operation Regiment Sergeant Major discussed peace talks with a priorly affiliated MilSim Commanding Officer, KOA OverLord. Deals were brokered to halt PMCP (Phantom Corps Private Military Corporation) involvement with a Non-MilSim team and to acknowledge them as such in order to PROMOTE the S.M.S.T.R's definition of MilSim. In exchange Force Recon would initiate a Counter Operation against 4th Infantry Division (4th ID) for dishonourably removing KOA Overlord of the unit (D.O.D) he commanded. Therefore 1FR would act as the aggressor but without the intent of continuing a conflict afterwards. 
1810: 4000 Tickets, Zavod 311. RU: 3875/ US: 3914/ A, B, C, D, E, -> RU / E, -> US

R/FT/12th Mech were US Side.Invasion of 4th ID Server is initiated with 1FR moving in a full sweep across primary objectives (A, B, C, D, E) from the RU deployment.




Operation Doppleganger

Operation started at 1810 on 20150331 against 4th ID at Zavod 311.

Initial tactic designed by 1FR command was an 'L' shaped defense, taking the primary line objectives of C, B, A (Command HQ), and pushing onto the objective of E, providing a base of fire from all three directions onto D, which serves as a primary contest point for the enemy to focus on.

1950: US 3739 RU 3688/ C,B,A -> US/ D,F,G -> RU

2000: L Shaped Defense finally taken, after extensive fighting over E. US 3327 RU 3367
2007: L Shaped Defense fallen, Two lines are drawn in the sand, Command authorizes deep inserts via Infantry to disrupt enemy line defense.
2015: US 3000 RU 3105/ C,B,A,D,E -> US/ F,G Contested
2017: D Lost, Broken Arrow Called in by Godfather Lead at D, 6+ Hostile Armor attack
2025: US 2620 RU 2404/ C,B,A,D -> US/ F,G,E -> RU
2030: First Reports of Hostile Jet Ramming/Jumping and Suicide Bombers
2045: US 2047 RU 1889/ C,B,A,D,E -> US/ F,G -> RU/ 1 Hour Mark
2050: E Contested, 5+ Hostile Armor plus infantry, Broken Arrow called by Dogpound Actual
2100: US 1676 RU 1227/ C,B,A,E -> US/ F,G -> RU
2115: A,B,C Lost due to hostiles helicopter taxing and guerrilla dirt bike tactics, Echo last strong hold. Entire team defends echo from all sides. Command decides to 'flip the map' and focus on F,G,E.
2121: A,B,C Recaptured US 832 RU 355, Enemy completely dismisses Milsim and desperately goes full guerrilla offensive
2131: US 462 RU 0

2135: Operation Declared a Victory 

Operation Blockade

Operation started at 2245 on 20150328 at Parcel Storm against 3rd Marine Division, Marine Special Operations Battalion and Seal Team 12. 1FR invaded 3rd Marine Division's server, battle starts but quickly ends due to kicking. 1FR meets with opposing commanders and negotiates a proper operation battle.

1FR/12th Mech placed on CN side during Operation.

2250: CN - 3985 A,B,C,E / US - 3791 D Hostiles utilize column of RHIB boats to capture D. 1FR reinforces all other points.
2300: CN - 3914 A,B,C,D,E / US - 3251
2310: CN - 3849 A,B,D / US - 2534 C Echo is contested.
2320: CN - 3768 C,D,E / US - 2052 A,B
2330: CN - 3674 A,B,C,D. US - 1539 E Hostiles utilize Paratrooper tactics after amphibious tactics fail.
2340: CN - 3575 A,B,D / US - 926 C,E Hostiles begin Jet ramming/Helicopter taxing
2350: CN - 3502 A,D,E,C / US - 287 Hostiles calls in AC-130 gunship
0000: CN - 3413 A,D,E,C / US - 0 B
Operation Declared a Victory.

Operation Roadhouse

Operation started at 2126 on 20150327. Operation declared against 10th Marine Raiders and NCRx.

Starting Orders: Neutralize all objectives, capture E.

Situation: Hostile forces invaded 1FR server and captured all objectives, draining tickets. 1FR responded with a QRF to establish presence on our soil. When the QRF arrived they were fired upon and hostiles brought more reinforcements. Regimental Command declared this a direct threat to 1FR sovereignty and declared operation and deployment of troops.

2126: Starting Tickets: US - 571 RU - 2054
2131: Hostiles noted using Active Protection on armor
2137: Echo heavily contested US - 532 A,D / RU - 1876 B,C
2143: Hostile Jet Ramming Recorded
2153: Broken Arrow called in at Echo by Overlord Actual, 4 hostile tanks and infantry
2203: US - 220 A,D / RU - 900 B,C
2208: 1FR finally captures Echo, reinforces point as Reg. HQ. US - 166 A,B, E / RU - 680 D,C
2214: US - 122 A,D,E / RU - 416 B 
2218: US - 99 A,D,C,E / RU - 221 B
2220: US - 90 A,D,C,E / RU - 135 B
2222 US - 68 A,D,C,E,B / RU - 0 
Operation Declared a Victory. 



As a response of the War On Terror, 1FR and its Allies put full efforts in the protection and growth of the new SMSTR, which was the cause of the War itself. What followed was multiple strenuous wars, conflicts and operations against opposers of the SMSTR and Simulations and operations with and against new found supporters, many of these were classified together in different time eras. 1FR took the stance of Post-WW2 America, and invested whole heartedly in the growth of the MilSim Community, training multiple units at the same time of focusing on its own growth.

Isolationist Period

From 20141015 to 20141201, 1FR took place in an Isolationist Period, only allowing MARSOC/LAR members to fight foreign opponents in assistance to allies. 1FR itself focused on self-growth and repair after severing a portion of its unit on Xbox 360. This also marks the time in which 1FR became Xbox One only.

Multi-War Period

From 20141201 to 20150201, 1FR took place in multiple wars against anti-SMSTR forces. The Details of these conflicts are not listed as they are numerous and at multiple times includes combating heinous terrorist and guerilla forces, versus traditional uniformed military operations of our past. This period is remembered by its extensive firewatches and the infamous War Recruitment Mandate.

Team Retraining Period

From 20150201 to 20150331, 1FR performed its annual Team Retraining, focusing more on the internal politics of 1FR rather than external. This period also marks when the SMSTR Era effectively started to die, however 1FR still uses its guidelines for Operations. During this Team Retraining 1FR also returned to its roots, performing two legitimate combat Operations versus MilSim teams. 

Operation Icing on the Cake

On 20150226, 1FR and FT invaded the 16th MEU server in efforts to hunt down known terrorists who attacked their joint recruit training, the combat was not initially meant to be against 16th MEU, but of the randoms in their server who were hiding. However, upon invasion, 16th MEU failed to comply to orders of standing down, and were considered terrorist sympathizers. After hours of combat, 1FR/FT defeated 16th, who was reinforced openly by multiple terrorist organizations. 16th and the terrorists abandoned the server, and FT held fire watch until 1FR brokered a deal with 16th, they agreeing to abandon their ties to the terrorists in exchange for our falling out of the server. Operation Declared a Victory.

Operation Fish Out of Water

On 20150321, Seal agreed to a proper combat operation versus 1st FR and its allies after invading its public server foolishly. What follows are the combat logs of the 1FR Command team.

1945: Match Start. 4000 Tickets, Silk Road. 1FR/FT/12th Mech were US Side. Initial tactic designed by 1FR command was an 'L' shaped defense, taking the primary line objectives of C, B, A (Command HQ), and pushing onto the objective of E, providing a base of fire from all three directions onto D, which serves as a primary contest point for the enemy to focus on.
1950: US 3739 RU 3688/ C,B,A -> US/ D,F,G -> RU
2000: L Shaped Defense finally taken, after extensive fighting over E. US 3327 RU 3367
2007: L Shaped Defense fallen, Two lines are drawn in the sand, Command authorizes deep inserts via Infantry to disrupt enemy line defense.
2015: US 3000 RU 3105/ C,B,A,D,E -> US/ F,G Contested
2017: D Lost, Broken Arrow Called in by Godfather Lead at D, 6+ Hostile Armor attack
2025: US 2620 RU 2404/ C,B,A,D -> US/ F,G,E -> RU
2030: First Reports of Hostile Jet Ramming/Jumping and Suicide Bombers
2045: US 2047 RU 1889/ C,B,A,D,E -> US/ F,G -> RU/ 1 Hour Mark
2050: E Contested, 5+ Hostile Armor plus infantry, Broken Arrow called by Dogpound Actual
2100: US 1676 RU 1227/ C,B,A,E -> US/ F,G -> RU
2115: A,B,C Lost due to hostiles jet taxiing and guerrilla dirt bike tactics, Echo last strong hold. Entire team defends echo from all sides. Command decides to 'flip the map' and focus on F,G,E.
2121: A,B,C Recaptured US 832 RU 355, Enemy completely dismisses Milsim and desperately goes full guerrilla offensive
2131: US 462 RU 0
2135: Operation Declared a Victory

The War On Terror

War was declared by 1stFR and its allies and acknowledged by 99th ID on Septmember 2nd 2014. War was to officially start on Spetember 4th 2014 at 1800 Hours on the 1st Force Recon War Server.

September 4th 2014 

-1700 Hours: 17th MEU is spotted in the 99th ID server. Intel witnessed 17th training and organizing with the 99th ID.

-1715 Hours: 17th's C.O is asked about there activities, and says that the members in the server are doing recon on the enemy and have no intention of acting against 1FR.

-1730 Hours: Officer Personnel are called into the Colonels party for briefing

-1745 Hours: 99th ID C.O requests the map be changed to Golmud Railroad.

-1750 Hours: Personnel is brought into the server and set up defence around F.O.B 

-1755 Hours: Friendly Personnel setup defence around F.O.B

-1800 Hours: 17th MEU Personnel join the server on the opposite team, and immiedietly begin capturing surrounding objectives. 


-1805 Hours: 17th MEU, alongside of UOTF, begin attacking 1st FR and its allies.

-1815 Hours: Objective shifts from F.O.B to total control of the map. 

-1915 Hours: Game is won by 1st Force Recon and its allies. Final Score is 198 - 0 Tickets.


-1917 Hours: Objectives shift back to the F.O.B.

-Approx. 1930 Hours: All 99th ID and UOTF leave the server.  

-1945 Hours: F.O.B has been defended the entirety of the time. Both objectives have been held since the start of the game except for a 5 minute period when 17th briefly held the F.O.B.

-2000 Hours: 17th MEU leaves the server.

-Both Conflict's are declared victories. 

-2010 Hours: Firewatch Resumes.

-2100 Hours: All personnel is dismissed.

-2106 Hours: 99th ID Disbands.

-2130 Hours: UOTF Agrees to keep fighting the conflict. 

-0000 Hours: Fire Watch Ends, UOTF Banned, Declared Terrorist Organization.

The Quasi War

War has been declared by USMC FT on: 20131215 at 2000 Hours

War declared a victory by 1stFR on:  20131219 at 0000 Hours

Details of War Classified by Regimental Command.

The First War

War has been declared by ISMC on: 20130904 at 1700 Hours
War declared a victory by 1stFR on: 20130924 at 1800 Hours

Known Enemies: 
-ISMC; Infinite Soldiers and Marine Corps
-USN; 23rd Naval Fleet (Deserted and joined 1stFR half way into war)
-"Taliban" (Random support)

 1st FR Allies:
-USAF; 22nd Special Tactics Section
-CAF; 1st Canadian Special Operations Regiment, Task Force North
-USN; 23rd Naval Fleet (Joined 1stFR half way into war)

Mandatory Firewatch declared by Col C. Chase from the hours of 1600 to 0000 every day, rotating in shifts of four on active guard and four on QRF every hour.

Operation Shallow Water


Date: 20130904

-1700 Hours: Emergency Regimental Officer meeting, Regiment moved to alert level three. 

-1730 Hours: CSO sent in to ISMC server to observe enemy movement, opposition commander designated.
Map: Operation Firestorm, Conquest

-1741 Hours: War Declared by ISMC

-1742 Hours: CSO ordered to assassinate enemy commander by Regimental Command. (Operation Strelky) Mission Accomplished: -Classified-

-1743 Hours: Regiment moves to alert level one, full mobilization.

-1800 Hours: Invasion of enemy server commences.
Map: Gulf of Oman, Conquest, 500%

-1805 Hours: Regiment establishes beach head at Alpha, RegCmd establishes FOB, CSO ordered to provide security, ground forces move in on objectives, air is contested.

-1830 Hours: All ground forces pinned at FOB, air force is grounded due to opposition kicking/banning.

-1835 Hours: Ground Command is delegated to Alpha Company, Regiment pulls out to prepare defenses at our server.

-2244 Hours: Alpha Company reports map is secured and enemy is pinned to their spawn.

-2250 Hours: Opposing team declares 1stFR victor of Gulf Oman.

-2300 Hours: Fire watch begins on home server.


 Operation Liquid Gold


Date: 20130907 

Throughout the week the enemy attempts to invade 1stFR server with various numbers, methods, and tactics. Opposing command contacts Regiment and declares massive operation for 20130907.

-1800 Hours: Regiment moves from alert level two to alert level one, firewatch is replaced with full operational force. USAF provides air support with CSOR providing intelligence.

-1830 Hours: Operation Liquid Gold is green light.
Map: Operation Firestorm, Conquest, 300%

-1915 Hours: Operation Liquid Gold is a victory.

-1930 Hours: Firewatch resumes as normal, Regiment moved to alert level two.


Operation Mogadishu Mile

Date: 20130907

 -2300 Hours: Enemy full on surprise attack, Regiment moves to alert level one, APB declared. US Navy Seals infiltrate with ISMC.

Map: Strike at Karkand, Conquest Assault, 500% 

-2330 Hours: Enemy declares intent to assassinate Regiment Command. All 1st FR provides security as "Mogadishu Mile" occurs with 1stFR egressing with Godfather Actual from opposite end of map to US spawn while under superior and heavy fire.

-0000 Hours: Firewatch night declared victory as Regimental Command is not KIA. RegCmd permits firewatch to go on the assault.

-0010 Hours: All enemy objectives are captured, man hunt begins weeding out enemy hiding in buildings and alleys.

-0015 Hours: Enemy retreats out of server, enemy commander messeges Regiment Command:
"You guys came on so strong..I didn't know what to do..so I told my men to hide."


Operation Zulu 


Date: 20130908-14

All firewatch duties performed by 1stFR Regiment and it's allies.

Noteable occasions:

-Sniper Hunt from 1600 to 2200 on 20130909

-Enemy Jihaadists from 1800-1900 on 20130910

-Navy Seal Infiltration from 1700-1900 on 20130911

-Large opposing from from 1800-2300 on 20130913


Operation Warpig


Date: 20130914

Firewatch performing as normal until at 1900 they report a large number of hostiles entering the game.

-1900 Hours: Firewatch reports to Officer of the Day that there is a large number of enemies joining. O.D. requests QRF to reinforce lines.
Map: Armored Shield, Conquest 500%
Restrictions: US no armor, RU no air. 

-1930 Hours: O.D alerts Regiment that the enemy is now full sized, requests Battalion level assistance.

-1935 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level 1, Regiment remains at 2.

-1935 Hours: Enemy begins heavy barrage on defensive positions.

-1945 Hours: Enemy begins armored blitzkreig, Battalion requests USAF air support.

-1945 Hours: Regiment moves to alert level 1, USAF sends air support to defensive positions.

-2035 Hours: 1stFR/USAF repel enemy forces and maintain defenses, enemy withdraws. 


Operation Zulu Two 


Date: 20130915-24

All firewatch duties performed by 1stFR and its allies.

Noteable occasions:

-USN joins 1stFR side.

-ISMC decreases activity to barely any opposition.

-Enemy sniper gives up and begin suicide bombing.

-1stFR gives aid to affected civilians and spreads pamphlets to enemy combatants reducing moral.


War declared victory on 20130924 at 1800 hours by USMC 1st FR.

First Expeditionary MEU

Expedition Dates: 201306 - 201309


-Conflict with THC, Victory

-Conflict with USMC FT, Victory

-Conflict with Dark Mist, Victory

-Second Conflict with Dark Mist, Victory

-Second Conflict with USMC FT, Victory

-Conflict with 17th MEU, Victory

-Second Conflict with 17th MEU, Victory

-Third Conflict with 17th MEU, Victory

-Conflict with USAF, Victory

-Conflict with USN, Victory


Expedition Successful. 


Operation Hammer Hill 


Operation Date: 16/June/2013


-22:15 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level two after 17th MEU challenges USMC 1st FRs QRF

-22:20 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level one. QRF established and pre match PT begins

-22:30 Hours: Operation begins.
Caspian Border, Conquest, 500 Tickets - Mutual understanding that this game would be infantry only

-22:35 Hours: Enemy brings out a T-90 and starts to advance towards our objectives

-22:40 Hours: Enemy T-90 is destroyed by our Abrams before it can do any damage

-22:55 Hours: USMC 1st FR is losing the game by 100 tickets

-23:10 Hours: USMC 1st FR is winning the game by 50 tickets

-23:30 Hours: USMC 1st FR wins the game with 111 tickets to 0

-23:35 Hours: QRF told to stand down. Full Debrief given which included 4 on the spot promotions.


Mission Successful  



Operation Flyswatter


Operation Date: 25/May/2013 


-19:00 Hours: USMC 1st FR is on alert level one and ready for war

-19:05 Hours: We move into position and are ready to begin the operation

-19:10 Hours: We get the green light for the first game.
Damavand Peak; Rush; 200%; Defending

-19:30 Hours: We win the game with no Mcoms destroyed

-19:35 Hours: Green light on second game
Kharg Island; Rush; 200%; Attacking

-20:30 Hours: We win the game with all Mcoms destroyed with over 3/4 of our tickets left every time.

-20:35 Hours: Green light on third and final game.
Gulf of Oman; Conquest; 350 Tickets

-21:45 Hours: USMC 1st FR wins the game with 294 tickets to the enemies 0

-21:50 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level three, officer debrief

-22:00 Hours: Battalion ordered to stand down


Mission Successful  

Operation Cascade 


Operation Date: 09/May/2013

-18:00 Hours: Battalion moved to level 2 alert. Combat drills had already been established the day before.

-18:30 Hours: Green light on operation.
Azadi Palace, 750 tickets, no map. 

-19:45 Hours: After intense fighting USMC 1st FR take the win with 459 tickets to 0.

-20:00 Hours: Green light on second part of operation
Bandar Desert, 600 tickets, no map

-21:30 Hours: USMC take the victory again with 553 tickets to the enemies 0.

-21:45 Hours: Green light on third part of operation
Armoured Shield, 600 tickets, no map.

-23:00 Hours: USMC 1st FR take the win even though the enemy used Hadji tactics and started the game by taking all the objectives before telling us to leave base.
USMC 169 - Opposition 0

-23:05 Hours: Officer debrief, battalion ordered to stand down.


Mission Successful  


Operation Goose Slaughter 


Operation Date: 23/March/2013

Battle of Metro

Operation Timeline:

- 1800 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level three. Combat drills begin. Decided map: Karg Island 400 tickets. 

- 1830 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level two. Drills intensify.

-1900 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level one. Contact with team initiated. 1st FR spawns in and waits on the ship for the green light.

-1910 Hours: Green light. 1st FR takes all objectives apart from Delta. All objectives held. When the enemy is down to 50 tickets, order comes through to take Delta. 1st FR takes and holds Delta until the end. 

-1945 Hours: 1st FR win the match with 332 - 0

-1950 Hours: Second match begins. Operation Metro 1750 Tickets on Conquest. 1st FR establishes defensive positions at Bravo and Alpha and repel the enemy until 30 tickets. Upon the enemy reaching 30 tickets, 1st FR move in and capture Charlie. 

-2130 Hours: 1st FR win the match with 931 - 0

-2135 Hours:  Battalion moved to alert level three. Officer debrief. 

- 2140 Hours: Battalion ordered to stand down.


Mission Successful  


Operation Great Crusade 

 Operation Date: 12/Jan/2013

Battle of Markaz

Operation Timeline:

-1800 Hours: QRF-2 moved to alert level one. Contact to enemy team initiated. Match set at conquest, 1500 tickets each.  

-1830 Hours: Match begins. Heavy fighting on both sides commences, Command trial prototype and watches through helmet camera atop Marine's helmet. Deemed successful design.

-2047 Hours: Match ends. US - 987. RU - 0.

-2100 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level three. Officer breif takes place. Enemy requests second match.


Battle of Bandar

Operation Timeline:

-2130 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level one. QRF-3 moves to defensive positions.

-2135 Hours: Combat initiates. QRF-3 gains Air superiority quickly and dominates battlefield through precision air strikes and bombardment techniques. 

-2230 Hours: Match ends. US -1345. RU - 0.

-2235 Hours: Battalion moved to alert level three. Officer debrief. Enemy team contacts 1st FR Cmd, commends abilities.

-2245 Hours: Battalion given order to stand down.


Mission Successful. 

Operation Rising Phoenix 

 Operation Date: 12/ Jan/ 2013

Invasion of Bandar - 75th SAS Regiment

Operation Timeline:

-1200 Hours: Firewatch rotations begin. 4 Infantry with 1 supporting armor and 1 air per hour. Battalion moved to alert level three.

-1630 Hours: Contact to enemy team initiated. Battalion moved to alert level two. Firewatch ends. QRF-1 deploys to battlefield and establishes defensive positions around forward operating base.

-1635 Hours: Enemy team requests more time to mass troops. QRF-1 beings live fire drills within FOB.

-1715 Hours: Enemy team enters combat zone. Command allows them to establish emplacements, along with explosives within city area.

-1720 Hours: Combat initiates, conquest, 1500 tickets each side, No AC-130. QRF-1 establishes Air superiority and Armor superiority quickly. Decimates the enemies' stealth infantry tactics. Enemy resorts to suicide bombing tactics, still fail.

-1745 Hours: Match ends. US - 1478. RU - 0.

-1750 Hours: QRF-1 moved to reserves. Officer debrief.


Mission Successful. 

Operation Anaconda 

Operation Date:  27/Dec/2012
Operation Timeline:
- 1730 Hours: General Quarters sounded. Battalion set at alert level two and prepared for combat 
-1800 Hours: 1st FR QRF was standing by for contact from the enemy
-1830 Hours: Contact with enemy initiated. Enemy requested more time to prepare. 1st FR QRF began combat exercises and live fire drills. 
-2000 Hours: Enemy recontacts 1st FR and Combat initiated
-2000 Hours: Map set as Gulf Of Oman 1500 tickets. Combat Initiated and Battalion moved to alert level 1. 
-2105 Hours: Enemy Commanders retreats from battlefield. 1st FR Command issues Return to Base (RTB) contact is made with enemy team.
-2110 Hours: Enemy denies chance to surrender. 1st FR Command orders redeployment to the battlefield. 
-2200 Hours: Enemy loses match. Final tickets are 1383 -1st FR  and 0-enemy team. Battalion Command orders second RTB and Battalion is ordered to stand down and alert level downgraded.
Mission Successful. 

Operation Whiskey Run

Operation Date: 18/Oct/2012

Operation Timeline:

-1755 Hours: Message brought by enemy team challenging 1st FR to MILSIM game, Challenge accepted by 1st FR Battalion Command staff

-1800 Hours: General Quarters Sounded, Battalion Alert level 1 initiated 

 -1830 Hours: Companies organized and platoons formed up

-1850 Hours: terms and agreements of warfare, gameplay, and start time (2000 Hours) established.

-1900 Hours: Officers briefed on situation and battalion wide meeting initiated.

-1930 Hours: 1st FR members ordered onto Battlefield 3 to start Live fire drills.

-1950 Hours: Enemy team enters game.

-2000 Hours: Combat initiated.

-2130 Hours: 1st FR wins 3 out of 4 rounds. enemy team pulls out in the middle of the last round.

-2140 Hours: 1st FR given order to pull out.

-2200 Hours: Officer debrief, Battalion alert level downgraded.


 Mission Successful. 



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Operation Midday Stroll 


 Operation Date: 14/Oct/2012

 Operation Timeline:

-1400 Hours: General Quarters Sounded, Battalion alert level upgraded.

-1415 Hours: Companies and Platoons organized.

-1420 Hours: US Team established in-country and formation established.

-1445 Hours: Contact with enemy established terms and agreements of warfare, gameplay, and start time (1530) established.  

 -1500 Hours: Platoons break formation, split into special fire teams and weapon specifications and camouflages established.

-1530 Hours: Battalion enters combat zone, Dropped into enemy territory via Parachutes.

-1600 Hours: Enemy Tries to assault 1st FR WWI Trench and fails. 

-1630 Hours: Enemy team pulls out declares 1st FR Victors.

-1700 Hours: 1st FR given order to pull out.

-1715 Hours: Officer debrief. 


Mission Successful. 



Operation Fighting Husky

Operation Date: 18/Feb/2012

Operation Timeline:

-1700 Hours: General Quarters Sounded.

-1715 Hours: Platoons organized into individual parties.

-1720 Hours: Contact with enemy initiated, terms and agreements of warfare, gameplay, and start time (1800 hours) agreed upon.

-1750 Hours: Platoons enter established game, combat control of players initiated.

-1800 Hours: Combat Initiated, 3 rounds, 1st FR wins 2 out of 3.

-1900 Hours: 1st FR given order to pull out.

-1915 Hours: Officer Debreif.


Mission Successful. 

Operation Charging Patriot

Operation Date: 11/Feb/2012

Operation Timeline: 

-1400 Hours:  General Quarters Sounded.

-1430 Hours: Platoons organized into individual parties.

-1440 Hours: Contact with enemy initiated, terms and agreements of warfare, gameplay, and start time (1500 hours) agreed upon.

-1500 Hours: Platoons enter established game, combat control of players initiated.

-1530 Hours: Combat Initiated, 3 rounds,1st FR Wins 2 out of 3.

-1645 Hours: 1st FR pulls out of combat zone.

-1646 Hours: Enemy team's bitching begins.

-1750 Hours: Enemy team's mind-fuck completed. Enemy general demoted to private by their command.

-1800 Hours: Officer debreif.


Mission Successful. 



Operation Proven Force


Operation Date: 03/Feb/ 2012

Operation Timeline:

 -1900 Hours: Intel received of converging enemy forces; JTF 1st MC/ JTF 1st QDG, allies of said, and affiliates.

-1940 Hours: General Quarters sounded.

-1945 Hours: Full Alert Initiated.

-1950 Hours: Officer brief, Platoons organized into individual parties, Command/Communications party established.

-1950 Hours: 1st FR QRF established and fully manned. 

-2000 Hours: Contact with enemy initiated, terms and agreements of warfare, gameplay, and start time (2100 hours) agreed upon.

-2005 Hours: Platoons given command to perform live fire drills in preparation for matches. 

-2030 Hours: Enemy informs they are prepared and are at "full" force. 

-2030 Hours: 1st FR QRF deployed to combat zone.

-2100 Hours: Combat Initiated, 3 rounds played. 1st FR wins all three.

-2200 Hours: Enemy forces surrender, full stand down of 1st FR QRF

-2210 Hours: Officer debrief


Mission Successful. 



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