1st Force Reconnaissance

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Armor Sergeant Course

The USMC 1st FR Armor Sergeant Course is meant for Corporals who with to endeavor on the next step in the Non-Commissioned Officer path. The order to take the training the applicant must complete the Armor Sergeant Course Qualifying Board. If the applicant passes the board, they can attend the Vehicle Commander Training part of the course. Once completed and passed the Vehicle Commander Training and Ground School Vehicle Commander Course, the Corporal will receive a rank and billet promotion of Sergeant and Vehicle Commander.


  • Be a Cpl for over 6 months 
  • Outstanding Attendance
  • No Pg11 in the past 2 months
  • No NJP in the past 4 months
  • Must have support of his or her CO
  • Must hold a secondary MOS for at least the past 9 months

Armor Sergeant Course Qualifying Board

The applicant and  his or her Co will request for the Armor Sergeant Course Qualifying Board. The board will require the following: Regimental Sgt, Battalion Sgt, One Company Sgt, and Two Platoon Sgt.


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